What does your Handwriting say About your Personality?


The study related with the handwriting is known as Graphology and it has been in the practice for the last so many years. Hence the scale of the forensic graphologists has worked on many court cases to use away with the handwriting to link suspects with crimes. You might be taking handwriting as the art of two hands to write or give away an autograph. But handwriting is often used away for highlighting your personality as well. Yes, you heard it right! Handwriting so much more about your personality for sure. Do you want to know what your handwriting says about your personality?

Letter size:

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In most of the general terms, the size of the letter will implicate that how much outgoing and shy you are. As in comparison with the standard lined sheet of paper, if you write tiny letters that do not reach the top line then you are likely to have a timid and introverted personality. If you write the large letters that go over the top line, then you are the opposite one and you are outgoing, confident and an attention-seeker.

Word spacing:

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Those people who write with space in between the words widely like freedom and independence. But the people who are somehow choosing to write with small spaces prefer to be among others and hate to be alone.

Dotting your I’s:

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The way you dot, or even don’t do, your I say out much in the terminology of your personality.  Those people who do place the dot high have imaginative personalities and those writing it off to the left tend to procrastinate. If your handwriting is showing out with the circle instead of a dot then in that case you allegedly possess a childlike quality. And if you are using with the dash then it is said to be typical of overly critical individuals.

Crossing your T’s:

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The length of your T-cross also brings about the implication of your personality traits. Well, the long crossers are purportedly determined and also enthusiastic, and short T-crossers are mentioned out to be much lazier.

Pen pressure:

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If you apply some of the heavy pressure when using a pen or pencil then it is possible much that you are committed. But the light pressure denotes the traits of sensitivity and empathy.


Doctor ASKY / Handwriting

Now, in the end, we will be discussing the link of your signature with your personality. Illegible set of signatures that somehow resemble a squiggle often speak of someone that is private and closed. A readable signature hence often shows self-confidence.

Well until now the studies which have been carried away are somehow showing some link between handwriting and personality traits. They do a link on the least level and highlight your personality. What does your handwriting say about your personality?


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