What causes damage to the immune system?

damage to the immune system

Don’t you feel bad for not being able to attend parties or events that you were looking forward to, just because you were sick? Don’t you feel tired of getting sick all the time and you feel frustrated, often wondering why do I get sick so much? There are chances that you have a weak immune system.

The immune system is a system build up in your body since your birth that is also known as your defence system. It protects your body from various kinds of invading bacteria, infections and viruses. It prevents you from falling sick and catching diseases. It also prevents cancerous growths and tumours in your bodies.

Every person has a different immune system in their body, you might have a stronger immune system than your friend or vice versa. But there are different things that bring down your immune system. Just like everything malfunctions, your immune system also starts malfunctioning or get weak.

When the immune system gets weak it makes it easier for parasites, bacteria and viruses to attack your body. Chances increase of getting sick and catching diseases and you often fall sick.

People don’t believe it but stress can really affect your immune system and cause you damage. High level of stress that lasts for a longer period of time can raise cortisol levels in the body. These cortisol lower the production of prostaglandins, which are hormones that support the immune system.

This kind of stress makes your body vulnerable to colds and flu, heart and health problems, diabetes and other diseases.

Consider watching this video to know more about how stress weakens your immune system….

When refined sugar and highly processed foods are consumed continuously and in excessive amount, it causes damage to the immune system. These foods contain pesticides, chemicals, preservatives and additives which make your immune system weak and your body loses its power to fight the diseases.

If you want your immune system to stay strong, you must maintain a healthy diet and eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat milk.

Just like excessive consumption of sugar, when alcohol is consumed in an excessive amount it reduces the power of white blood cells to kill germs. The more alcohol you consume, the more damage happens to your immune system. You will get more cold and flu, your immune cells will start malfunctioning and you will become vulnerable to dangerous diseases and even cancer.

We all know our body stops working properly when we don’t get enough sleep. Without the proper amount of sleep, the immune system doesn’t recover properly and gets weak. The number of white blood cells in the body reduce and become unable to fight the diseases.

Cold and other diseases become common in the person who does not acquire enough sleep. If you want good health, it is better you maintain your sleep schedule and let your body recover properly.

Certain chemical exposures, UV and radiations can weaken your immune system and make it easier for infections to affect your body.

Cigarettes are extremely toxic for the body, they contain chemicals which damage your lungs as well as your immune system.

Even if you are not the one smoking, but people around you are, it can still affect your immune system. It can cause asthma and many allergies.

Hydration is really important to maintain your body on a good level. You need water to excrete toxins in your body or the by-products of illnesses to maintain your immune system stronger.

Did you know your bad habits could damage your body this much? Do you often fall sick or is your immune system stronger?

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