What are the possible causes of lung cancer?

possible causes of lung cancer

Lung cancer is common worldwide due to one of the unhealthy habits in our society i.e. smoking. Smoking is considered one of the leading causes of lung cancer but still, people are addicted to it. Lung cancer affects the lungs which are the spongy organs in our body that help in breathing allowing the proper exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In the early stage of lung cancer, there are no such signs and symptoms but the common signs include chest pain, extreme coughing, coughing with blood, breathlessness, bone pain, headaches and unable to lose weight.

Various causes are leading to lung cancer, which includes the following:

Smoking is one of the major reasons leading to lung cancer either you are a smoker yourself or you are surrounded by people who smoke a lot. Lung cancer can occur in all individuals whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker. Smoking, however, causes lung cancer due to the damaging effect over the lung cells which die over some time. Cigarettes have a carcinogenic ingredient which results in alterations within the lung tissues. Initially, your body repairs immediately once the damage occurs but when you are repeatedly exposed to smoke then the normal lung cells get damaged.

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Other than smoking, various risk factors lead to lung cancer like extreme exposure towards secondhand smoke or radon gas which is produced through the breakdown of rocks/ water or uranium within the soil. Lung cancer can also occur due to exposure to carcinogens like asbestos, chromium, arsenic or nickel. People can also suffer from lung cancer when they have a family history.

Lung cancer is divided into two main types like small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Small cell lung cancer is commonly seen in smokers while non-small cell lung cancer is seen in different forms of lung cancer.

There are various ways to prevent yourself against lung cancer i.e. to avoid smoking and do not smoke in front of your family members and children. Stop smoking immediately as it reduces your risk to suffer from lung cancer. Try choosing nicotine replacement options which allows you to quit smoking. Avoid places where smoking is allowed as you are at the risk to suffer from lung cancer, it is therefore advised to get rid of secondhand smoke. Get your surroundings regularly checked for the high radon levels especially your home to be safe. Protect yourself against any carcinogens around you which might be toxic for your health and increase your chance to suffer from lung cancer. Take precautions and wear face masks to prevent yourself against lung cancer. Other than the natural measures, adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy fruits and vegetables which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals to reduce your risk to suffer from lung cancer. Try exercising daily to achieve a healthy weight and be constant about it as this can also help in reducing your chance to suffer from lung cancer. 

To confirm the presence of lung cancer, the doctor might advise CT scans, X-ray, sputum cytology and tissue biopsy. Once the doctor has diagnosed the disease, you are started with the treatment protocol where several factors are considered such as surgical procedures, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy, radiosurgery, immunotherapy, palliative care along with home remedies and lifestyle measures.

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