What Are The Natural Treatments For Sciatic Pain?


Did you ever get into the experience of having a severe level of the pain in the back while performing any activity? Well, the majority of the people would be finding them into the situation as where they do feel the pain in the end as starting from the end and extends all the way to your lower legs is nothing. This is probably because of the irritation or inflammation of your sciatic nerve. This whole situation is known by the name of “Sciatica.”

What Is Sciatica All About?

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Sciatica is the form of the term that is used for the sciatic nerve pain. This pain does mostly take place in the back area of the body. It would be extending from the lower back and radiates towards your knees. The sciatic nerve is considered to be one of the largest nerves in your body. It would be all starting from the nerve roots in your spinal cord and extends to your lower limbs using your buttocks.

Top 3 Effective Methods To Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain Naturally


1. Garlic Milk Method:

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In this method, you should have ten garlic cloves as well as 2 cups of milk and 1 cup of water plus honey. You will be adding first with the ingredients of juice, water, and crushed garlic cloves to a saucepan and let it get boil for sometime. You will simmer it up for about 5 minutes and then strain the milk. Just make it get cool down and then add honey in it. You can eventually drink a cup of garlic milk twice a day to treat sciatic nerve pain. Garlic is taken out to be one of the most potent therapeutic herbs for the health benefits.


2. Hot And Cold Compress Method:

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On the second we would make you learn about the hot and cold compress method! In this method, you will need to have a clean washcloth as well as a bowl of warm water and also with some ice cubes.
⦁ You need to start by taking a small piece of a clean washcloth and dip it in some warm water.
⦁ Now just wiring out with the excess water and then make it place over the areas that have been affected. This will let the body to absorb the heat.
⦁ You have to soak the washcloth again and repeat the process.
⦁ You can often place out with some of the ice cubes in a washcloth and place it on the affected area.


3. Essential Oils Method:


On the last, we have basic oils method against the treatment of sciatic nerve! In this method, you need to have 4-5 drops of ginger oil as well as one tablespoon of any carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil. You need first to mix the ginger essential oil using the carrier oil of your choice. Now start by applying this mixture to the affected area. You can do this method as twice times in one day. Its combination of ginger and oil properties will be much useful for the treating of sciatica nerve.

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