What Are The Best Ways To Manage High Blood Pressure?

Best Ways To Manage High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the most commonly seen issue in our society. High blood pressure commonly occurs due to our unhealthy lifestyle habits like consuming excess salt, excess smoking or alcohol consumption, drinking caffeinated beverages/ carbonated drinks and due to chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases and others. Lifestyle is one of the essential factors which can help in reducing blood pressure by avoiding unhealthy dietary habits, adopting a healthy lifestyle and consulting your physician for changing your medicines. Choose these simple ways to manage high blood pressure:

Being overweight is also seen to increase high blood pressure. It is therefore essential that you lose excess inches and maintain a healthy weight which allows you to breathe easily, perform daily activities easily without any dependence. Weight loss can play an essential role to manage high blood pressure. If you are overweight and you try reducing some calories, then losing one kg can help in lowering 1-2mm Hg of blood pressure. Keeping an eye on the waistline reduces your risk to suffer from high blood pressure.

Eating a healthy diet with low sodium intake also plays an important role in managing high blood pressure. Choose foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products which helps in lowering the blood pressure. Try noting down your food intake in a diary so that you know how much calories you are consuming and how much weight you are losing with a healthy diet. Consider earing potassium-rich foods which help in lowering the effects of sodium intake over blood pressure. Be sure to read food labeling so that you know you are consuming healthy foods. Reducing the intake of sodium helps in reducing blood pressure levels and improves heart health. You can reduce the intake of sodium by avoiding the addition of excess salt in foods, avoid eating processed or pre-packaged foods.

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Alcohol and smoking can be harmful to your overall health including your heart, your blood pressure, and your entire physical as well as mental health. It is therefore essential that you avoid the intake of alcohol and quit smoking immediately which can drastically reduce your blood pressure levels. Quitting unhealthy habits can return your blood pressure to normal and reduce your risk to suffer from heart diseases and aids in overall improving your mental as well as physical health.

Caffeinated beverages can also increase your blood pressure as one drink can raise your blood pressure by 5-10mm Hg. But regular caffeine consumers have mild or no effect on their blood pressure levels. However, when studying the long-term special effects of caffeine then it might be seen that it enhances the blood pressure to some extent.

Exercise is also one of the important factors which help in managing the blood pressure levels. Regular physical activity for around 30-35 minutes is essential for every human being because it improves your overall health. Regular exercise helps in reducing the blood pressure by 5-8mm Hg if you are suffering from high blood pressure. Try being consistent with exercise as once you stop indulging in exercise, you might suffer from raised blood pressure levels. You can perform aerobic exercises, walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, cycling, and others or indulge in high-intensity exercises which help in reducing the calories and allows you to maintain healthy blood pressure levels within normal limits.

Maintain blood presume to the normal range is essential for the overall health so try adopting these simple measures and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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