Vitamin D playing an effective role in the mortality rates of COVID-19 patients


The latest study indicates that people who suffer from severe deficiency of vitamin D levels are twice as likely to undergo severe complications of COVID-19 that includes acute respiratory distress syndrome and ultimately death. The researchers studied the worldwide data of the patients who suffered from COVID-19 pandemic and it was seen that vitamin D has a strong relationship with the mortality rate of this infectious disease.


The research conducted by a team at Northwestern University performed a statistical analysis from all the clinics and hospitals located within France, Germany, China, Italy, Spain, Iran, South Korea, united states, united kingdom and Switzerland. It was noted that the patients who suffered from severe complications due to COVID-19 in high-risk countries like Spain, Italy or UK had vitamin D deficiency when compared to people in different countries worldwide that are not severely affected by the disease. The researchers however also caution the people that if you don’t know regarding the vitamin D deficiency then it’s better to avoid the consumption of these supplements without consultation. Vadim Backman who led the research also stated that we do know that there is the relation between vitamin D levels and mortality rate of COVID-19 but we also know that each body type does not need to be bombarded with excess vitamin D supplements. He further stated that this study needs further work and the researchers are hoping that people will gain interest in the field. He further says that he believes the data will also help in identifying the mechanism of mortality in such patients that will further help in the identification of the latest therapeutic measures. The research is now available of medRxiv which is a preprint server for all health sciences. 


Backman who led the research team, along with his team members were excited to find out the vitamin D level difference in COVID-19 patients and unexplained mortality rates in such patients worldwide. Some people also hypothesized the fact that there is a certain difference in patient’s age, sex, distribution, healthcare quality, different strains of coronavirus affecting the patients or testing rates in patients might also be responsible for the difference in mortality rates. But when it was asked to Backman, he remained cynical and stated that these factors do not have a significant role in different mortality rates. He further explained that the healthcare facility is best within Italy. He further explained that the difference in mortality rate is still seen as the same within the similar age groups. The testing rates were also seen to appear as same in different countries with a despairing mortality rate. He further explains that only vitamin D deficiency was seen to have a strong relationship with the mortality rates in COVID-19 patients. 

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When the research team at Northwest University analyzed data from worldwide hospitals, it was seen that a strong correlation exists between vitamin D and a type of cytokine which causes hyper-inflammatory condition within the body due to overactivation of the immune system along with the correlation between vitamin D and mortality rate in COVID-19 patients. Cytokine storm is the one which causes severe acute respiratory syndrome and leads to death in such patients. It was also stated that vitamin D cannot prevent an individual from contracting this deadly virus but it can save a person from severe complications due to the virus. He further added that vitamin D plays an essential role as an immune system booster where it prevents the over activation of the immune system. Backman explained that it is because of this reason that children have a low mortality rate due to COVID-19 as their acquired immune system is not fully developed. In the end, the author and the research team leader also claimed that a single vitamin cannot serve as an all-cure against the COVID-19 disease.

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