UK reports regarding coronavirus vaccine that it might get ready till September


UK reports regarding coronavirus vaccine that it might get ready till September 2020 as claimed by oxford professor

The Oxford professor is confident that the coronavirus vaccine which she is working on might get ready by September. She is 80% confident that she might be able to come up with the vaccine. Sarah Gilbert who is the leader of researchers and is a professor of vaccinology at Jenner Institute at Oxford University said that they have come up with the potential vaccine which is due to the human trials within the next two weeks. In an interview with the Times of London Newspaper, Professor Gilbert also said that the autumn timeframe is just about things being possible if everything regarding the vaccine goes perfectly. She further added that with the ongoing pandemic, we are getting research and data every day to look at. However, she said she is 80% confident regarding the vaccine but warned that no one can promise regarding the effectivity of the coronavirus vaccine. She explains that there is a high chance that this coronavirus vaccine will work based on the experiments we have done on this vaccine.


Other scientists and researchers welcomed this mesmerizing news with heightened cautious optimism. They also highlighted the investment regarding the production of the virus, its distribution along with the delivery which would be the key features enabling a mass rollout. Department of Health commented that if the vaccine for coronavirus proves to be effective and safe in all the clinical human trials. Various manufacturing companies and supply chain options can meet the projected demands during this horrifying pandemic. The Times further reported that the UK government has indicated that they will fund millions for the manufacture of massive doses of coronavirus vaccine if it appears to work. This indicates that as soon as the vaccine proves to be effective, it will roll out for the public.


The Times also reported that the safety trials will initiate soon with other studies and researches conducted by scientists and researchers all over the globe to find out whether the vaccine will be effective against coronavirus or not. Gilbert further explained that the lockdown measures in the UK are quite strict due to which the effectiveness of the vaccine cannot be checked properly. It is therefore advised that the vaccine effectivity should be checked in areas where there is less strictness in terms of lockdown.

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Professor Stephen Evans at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine says that getting a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine ready is one big thing but the massive production of the vaccine in millions of doses all through the UK with an efficient system of delivery is an entirely different matter. Dr.Colin Butter who is a program leader and an associate professor in Bio Veterinary Science at the University of Lincoln said that it is essential to understand that it is not possible to arrange 60 odd million doses alone by September to completely vaccinate the entire population of the UK against coronavirus. With the verge of deaths in the UK alone due to COVID-19, there are 10000 people affected with 917 deaths reported on Saturday, the UK ministers are struggling to move forward to get rid of the lockdown situation within the country.

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