Top Ten Crazy Laws Around The World

Crazy Laws Around The World

Each nation is different, and each nation’s laws are unique. At times these laws verge on the genuinely crazy, and different occasions they point to significant laws that maybe not the same as your own. Here are some weird and exceptional top ten laws around the globe:

1: Chew Gum is banned in Singapore: 

One cannot chew gum in public places or at transport facilities in Singapore. Singapore government collects 150000 dollars yearly due to this ban. Singapore imposed this law in 1992.

2:  It is illegal to be out of Gasoline on German AutoBahns (Motorways):

 One has heard about over speeding ban by the motorway police but in Germany, one can be fined if one’s car is out of gasoline or petroleum. That means you have to fill your car at full capacity when you are driving around.

3:  It is banned to be naked in Switzerland for Hiking:

When some tourists from other nations along with some natives went naked publicly in hiking events, Switz government reminded their citizens and tourists with a law that you cannot be naked during hiking. 100 dollars is the fine one has to be pay.

4:  You cannot feed the pigeons in Venice: Its Illegal by law

With thousands of pigeons dropping upon Saint Mark’s Square and Venice, baited by the visitors promptly handing out nourishment in return for Instagram-commendable photographs, Venice legislators formally made it unlawful to encourage the troublesome fowl in 2008. You can be fined

5: It is illegal in SriLanka to take Selfies with Buddha monument:

Are you a fan of taking selfies on your visits or tours? Be aware you can highly be charged with fines and jail in Sri Lanka for doing this criminal act. One cannot take pictures with Buddha sculptures.

6: It’s unlawful to wear masks and Scarfs in publicly in Denmark:

Mostly it is done against the Muslim populations. Not only masks, but the Danish government also wants to stop anyone from covering their faces in any way in public spaces. This includes masks, helmets, scarves, hats, fake beards and even burkas. The controversial ban went into effect in August 2018

7. T-shirts with Bear: Winnie the Pooh cartoon is banned for sale:

Every kid loves the Winnie the Pooh bear one loves to eat honey with his fat belly coming out of his clothes in the cartoons. Well bad news for the Polish kids and moms, as they cannot buy these shirts and clothes on which this bear is printed. The government has put a ban upon it.

8: Queen of England cannot be arrested even if she commits murder:

Queen is theory and by law is above the law and enjoy legal immunity from any trial. That is why it is believed that Queen even cannot be arrested and trialed under any court even if she commits the crime. 

9: Women cannot wear high heels in Acropolis, Greece:

When packing for a tour to Greece, make sure you have the proper shoes. The state has banned high heels at the Acropolis in 2009, so no stilettos at the Parthenon. High heels have dirt which can make the monuments dirty, well only according to Greeks.

10: In Switzerland, you are not allowed flushed to the toilet after 10 pm at night:

Bad news for those who use the washroom at midnight. You cannot flush and waste the water in the toilet come what may in Switzerland for it is banned by the law.

 An amazing world is full of weird and astonishing laws

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