Top 10 ways to lose body fat


Having a layer of fat on your body is never appealing but no one is ready to lose body fat. The problem is we set goals to lose weight, forgetting that our main focus should be on burning off the unnecessary fat. The focus on the former one leads to a weaker looking body while the latter one would result in a healthier-looking well-shaped body.

Here are the 10 best ways to lose body fat effectively:

Get enough sleep to lose body fat:

Getting enough but good quality sleep has shown to improve fat burning and the people having healthier sleep cycles tend to gain lesser weight as compared to the ones whose sleep cycle is disturbed. Avoid using electronic devices before bed to gain quality sleep.

Cut off liquid calories to lose body fat:

One thing we ignore while losing body fat is to stop taking liquids with high sugar. Try eating raw fruits instead of juices because fresh juices have roughly the same amount of sugars or even more as the fizzy drinks. Fruits have fiber that will enhance digestion and maintain a healthy sugar level in blood.

Low-Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS):

The least focused technique with the best results. LISS focuses on maintaining a steady pace rather than switching onto the faster one. High-intensity workouts are rough and cause mental and physical fatigue. While this technique aids fat burning with increased blood flow and enhanced oxygen supply to the cells.

Caffeine intake:

Caffeine is a CNS stimulant and is thought to reduce weight by increasing the metabolism and breakdown of fatty acids. So you can add up coffee in your schedule where you plan to lose your fat. Drink black coffee; without sugar, cream and milk to prevent more calorie build up.

Reduce meal size:

Skipping meals is never a good option; you’ll end up eating more than you should. Instead, take small portions of meals throughout the day. Starvation will harm your lean body mass; bones, organs, water, etc. Studies show that people who chose starvation to burn their fat has decreased lean body mass.

Probiotic consumption:

Probiotics; the gut bacteria. They have been involved in the improvement of overall health. Besides increasing immunity, studies show that probiotic consumption had been beneficial to keep your weight under control and had marked results on the fat-burning process.

Stay hydrated:

Researchers found that people who had not been properly hydrated have an increased Body Mass Index (BMI) than the ones who were hydrated.  A glass of water before every meal will lower your appetite and make you feel fuller.  Moreover, water is considered a natural detoxifier which will lead to a healthier metabolism.

Protein diet:

When planning to lose weight, there is no safer diet than proteins. You can burn up to 100cals per day with high protein intake. While it is also thought to suppress the hunger hormones resulting in decreased appetite.

Stay stress-free:

In a busy life, it is impossible to stay stress-free but we can surely reduce our stress levels by different techniques. Stress has been known to put a negative effect on your body’s weight as it interferes with normal metabolism and slows it down by promoting fat gain.

Coconut oil:

Adding up coconut oil in your meals have amazing effects on burning abdominal fats. Coconut oil has been proved to burn off the dangerous fats in your abdominal region.

You can’t magically lose the fat you took years to gain, be patient, try the tips and move on to lose body fat.



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