Top 10 Things That Can End Life On Earth

Things That Can End Life On Earth

We all know where global warming is leading us to and what will happen if we don’t control it, but there are other factors too which can end life on earth. Let’s take a look at the top ten factors:

Nuclear war

We all know the risks of using nuclear weapons, but we still invented them. If a nuclear war takes place, it can cause approximately 80 to 95 per cent of deaths in the blasted area and affect the areas of more than 4 kilometres. Its smoke will block the sun and drop the temperature rate for years causing disrupt in the food production and chaos everywhere.

Chemical warfare

Chemical warfare is so easy to make with low cost and easily available materials that they are becoming a threat to human life. These weaponized chemicals can be very dangerous if they are released into the air or water, killing many people as they can.

Biological weapons

Synthetic biology can lead to the creation of a fatal virus or bacteria that can result in mass extinction. If they are used by the military for spreading disease in the enemy country, or the bug escapes the lab during research it can become a global fatal problem.

Catastrophic climate change

Are you aware of the scientists saying, we only have 12 years to control global warming before the Earth becomes uninhabitable?

If we don’t control the global warming, we will often face severe tropical cyclones, destruction of agricultural lands, loss of water resources and drowning of a lot of cities and countries as well.

Ecological collapse

Ecosystems consist of humans, animals, and their relationships with their non-living environment, like air and water. Ecological collapse means when the ecosystem can no longer recover from the disastrous events caused by humans and becomes incapable of carrying living organisms, thus, resulting in extinction.

Fatal diseases

New diseases with no cure have a record of killing people in more than millions. Spanish flu, SARS, Ebola, all these kinds of outbreaks have caused major deaths in the world. Even though, antibiotics work against the diseases but some bacterias have become resistant to antibiotics, causing 700,000 deaths annually which will increase many times by the year 2050.

Volcanic eruptions

90 per cent of the Earth’s life got extinct because of volcanic eruptions in the Permian-Triassic event. Even though they are rare in this period but they can impede agricultural production and cause changes in the climate and biosphere.


We all know how rapidly the global population is increasing which can be a great threat to our world. With the overcrowding, the needs of people will increase resulting in no food, water or any other resources for the lives on earth.

Artificial intelligence and Nanotechnology

The time when artificial intelligence and nanotechnology surpasses human intelligence is not so far. It is a great danger to human lives if these kinds of technologies go into wrong hands, resulting in the destruction of the world.

Bad government

The bad government in any country can be a problem for the world. As decisions of all the countries matter, negative decisions can have a negative effect on the world. Suppose if a corrupt government decides to have a nuclear war, release chemicals and viruses, use nanotechnology and Artificial intelligence for the wrong proposes, it can lead to a lot of bigger problems than expected.

Do you think we can control these factors before they cause global extinction? Share your answers below in the comment section.

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