Top 10 Mind-Blowing Reasons You Keep Getting Acne

Reasons You Keep Getting Acne

Do you want beautiful glowing skin but keep having acne outbreaks? Has acne become challenging to handle, and is it affecting your self-confidence? Acne is one of the most common skin conditions caused by a buildup of oils and dead skin cells in your pores. The most common sites for acne include the face, shoulders, back, and forehead. Having acne means constant struggle and spending lots of money on acne clearing products. However, sometimes acne outbreaks can be stubborn. If you have tried your best and still experience nasty flare-ups, you might be overlooking some underlying reasons that make acne worse. While many factors can affect acne, the most common yet mind-blowing reasons include:


Sweat may be one of the reasons you get frequent acne outbreaks. While it is entirely normal to sweat, not cleaning it up can cause skin problems. Your sweat is the body’s way to cool down its temperature and remove toxins. Remember the time you were too lazy to shower after the gym and had an outbreak afterward? It was because of clogged pores due to sweat.


If you have a terrible acne flare-up phase, you need to ask yourself if you’re under some mental pressure or stress. Many studies have linked increased stress with acne outbreaks and the worsening of pre-existing skin conditions.


Do you know that your diet may be the culprit behind your acne problems? Most nutritionists suggest lowering your oil and fatty food intake to get rid of acne. Though that extra cheesy pepperoni pizza and fried chicken tenders look irresistible, you need to limit their intake to stop getting acne. According to research, sugar-loaded foods like cakes and desserts can also cause acne.

Your makeup products

Did you know that your makeup products may be contributing to excessive acne? While most people use makeup to cover up the redness and scars, it may be worsening your condition. Certain chemicals in makeup products can make the inflammation worse. Even if you buy high-quality makeup products, make sure to cleanse your skin correctly. Though sleeping with makeup on sounds attractive and much easier, your skin health is worth much more. Also, wash your skin correctly while removing makeup to avoid clogged and infected pores.

Weak immunity

Did you know that you can develop acne due to a weak immune system? The body’s immunity allows us to fight off infections, whether they are internal or external. Having low immunity makes you more susceptible to skin infections and diseases that may cause or worsen acne.

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Poor digestion

Did you know that your digestion plays an essential role in maintaining skin health? Remember the time you got diarrhea, and your skin lost its glow? Digestion helps to break down food into simpler substances. When your digestive system is not working normally, the stomach acid levels get low. As a result, the food is not broken down properly, leading to severe acne outbreaks.


Sadly, the environment we live in is full of hazardous chemicals and gasses. The increasing pollution all over the world has led to several skin diseases and conditions like acne. The best way to manage this kind of acne is to clean your face well and invest in a good scrub. You can also prepare skin scrubs at home.

Lack of exfoliation

Your skin requires care and gentleness. However, we often ignore its needs and stay busy in our lives. Without proper skin hygiene and regular exfoliation, dead skin cells may accumulate in your pores and lead to clogged and inflamed skin. Make exfoliation your best friend. Try to use a gentle soothing scrub 2-3 times a week.


Believe it or not, over-washing your skin can be as bad as not taking care of it. Your skin produces natural oils that maintain its moisture. In an attempt to overcome the lack of oils, your skin starts producing them in extra amounts making you more susceptible to acne. Washing your face twice each day with a gentle cleanser is enough.

Bad soap

While soap isn’t necessarily bad for your acne, using the wrong type of soap can irritate your skin and worsen inflammation. Everyone has a unique skin type, and not everything works for different people. Make sure to use soaps and cleansers according to your skin type to save yourself from acne!

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