Top 10 Foods To Eat During Diarrhea

Foods To Eat During Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a disease characterized by the frequent passage of watery stools. Though the state lasts for not more than three days, the amount of fluid and electrolyte loss should be recovered through nutrition. During diarrhea, the body becomes severely dehydrated and week. It requires days to recover even after your persistent diarrheal condition has gone.

Here is some top most food that should be taken to help you recover through it.


Banana is rich in potassium. It is an essential mineral that balances the fluid-electrolyte balance in the body. It also has its effects being low soluble fiber, adding bulk to the stools. It can be used as mashed bananas or as a whole, but avoid taking it with milk cause dairy products except usually worsen the condition.


Rice is another food and part of the BRAT diet followed during diarrhea. Rice is made up of starch, a carbohydrate that works to bind stools and reduces the frequency of stool passage when consumed. However, it is essential to know the right choice of rice. Plain white rice works best for this purpose than brown rice, which is high fiber food.


Apple is known as a diarrheal food because of its component called pectin. Like the above two, it is the A of BRAT and helps bulk up the stool and treats diarrhea. Taking it in the form of apple juice replenishes some minerals and water balance. Apples give you quick recovery.


Toast is the T of BRAT diet and is a useful food to consume. It is comprised of refined wheat flour, low in fiber. It also possesses the binding agent starch. However, it should not be taken with butter or milk. High fiber products reverse the condition; thus, whole grain bread should not be fed.


Eating the BRAT diet, one should not get restricted to these items only. Baked potatoes are one addition to the menu, too, full to nutrition. These potatoes are also high in potassium as well as contain carbohydrates that give energy and help you recover fast.


One should avoid dairy products while having diarrhea, but yogurt is an exception. It is full of probiotics that help regulate bowel movements and overcome the loss of good bacteria needed for proper digestion by the body. Yogurt with banana is a good option.


Potassium loss is prevalent in diarrhea. Though severe diarrhea for a week or more needs doctor’s advice but food such as fruits like apricot and peach, peeled potatoes, sports drink, along with fish and meat, may help. They are full of potassium and, when consumed, overcome the lost effects.


It is not the only electrolyte lost; sodium loss can also occur, especially when there is vomiting too. It is thought that hyponatremia is a result of secretory or watery diarrhea in which absorption of sodium is impaired. You can overcome it by taking ORS or soups and homemade sugar and salt solutions.


Dehydration is the main symptom of severe diarrhea, maximize the water intake. In this regard, coconut water works better than plain water due to its nutrition benefits and best in terms of treating dehydration.


Broth with garlic and saltiness can also be considered as food during diarrhea, excluding its upper greasy layer. It gives the body strength and treats the after-effects of diarrhea.

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