Top 10 Food To Eat During Flu And Cold Season

Food To Eat During Flu And Cold Season

Winter season is about to come, and there are chances to get hit by the flu and cold. Everyone loves to eat chocolate or drink hot cocoa, soup, eating nuts under the blanket in winter, but does anyone know how your love for food can save you from sickness?


Citrus contains a high proportion of vitamin C which is essential for boosting up your immune system and making your body able to fight pathogens, Vitamin C shortens the duration and lessens the severity of cold and flu.


Hot chicken soup is excellent for soothing flu and cold symptoms; not only it tastes good but, the broth keeps you hydrated and helps in clearing nasal congestion, while the immune system is boosted up by vitamin-rich vegetables.


There are several herbs and spices you can use in home to treat cold and flu, e.g., cinnamon makes your immunity strong andf energizes the cells which fight viruses. Thyme is excellent for relieveing congestion, turmeric has terrific anti-inflammatory properties.


Garlic is used for centuries to prevent cold and flu, eating garlic after sickness can help you recover quickly. It is beneficial in killing viruses and bacteria by its active ingredient allicin. Allicin helps ease flu symptoms by its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Mushrooms are useful in improving proteins called cytokines that play an essential role in defending your body against viruses and bacteria. It also boosts up your immune system by providing zinc. People who have a low zinc diet tend to have fewer Wbcs to fight off disease.


Chocolate contains theobromine that can help the body fight with a virus. Chocolate is full of polyphenols and zinc. These antioxidants can boost immune function and coat the back of your throat, desensitize aggravated nerve endings, which will stop the cough. It is useful in relieving chronic cough and symptoms of the common cold.


It will help in removing the germs out of your body with its precious immune-boosting beta carotene, which makes the vitamin A needed to keep our noses and throats clear when infections arise. It also makes your skin healthy; our skin is the first barrier for any pathogen; a healthy barrier can easily kick-off pathogens to invade your body.

  • FISH:

Fish is rich in omega-3-fatty acids that help in reducing inflammation and prevents you from getting chronic inflammation, which contirbutes to cold and flu. So, grab your hand on some oily fishes like salmon, tuna, sardines if you are having any symptoms of flu and cold.


Fennel is used as a mouth freshener. In general, only a few know that it does wonders for your immune system. It helps in keeping your body warm along with this. It contains components that are rich in antioxidants, antimicrobial properties. Volatile oils eliminate the risk of cold, cough, and flu by its anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. NUTS:

Vitamin E and antioxidants present in nuts like almonds and walnuts boost up your immune system to fight off invading viruses. It is an excellent source of zinc and selenium that are important for the immune system.

Add these foods in your daily life use to boost up your immune system, and get rid of diseases. They don’t only taste good but can help you live a longer life.

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