Top 10 facts about Ancient Egypt that you didn’t know

facts about Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was the most advanced and richest civilization for 3,000 years. It is famous for its architecture, art, tombs and other things.  Let’s take a look at the top ten facts about ancient Egypt:

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Egypt is famous for its large pyramids built by the pharaohs. The pyramids of Giza are amazing structures made by the people of ancient Egypt, the largest one dedicated to the king, Khufu.

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Belief in Gods, Goddesses, and Demons

Ancient Egyptians followed more than 2,000 gods and goddesses, believing in demons as well. All of the gods and goddesses were responsible for the things of daily life. Amun Ra was the most superior god, Anubis in charge of the mummification of dead bodies and Ra the god of the sun.

Demons were more powerful than humans but not more than gods and goddesses.

Life after death

Egyptians used to believe in life after death. They waited to be alive again that is why they made such large tombs with luxurious belongings and mummified their bodies to use them again.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Like every nation has it’s own writing styles, Egyptians also had their own writing method of hieroglyphs which consisted of icons and their alphabetical elements. It had more than 2,000 hieroglyphic characters.

Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra is really important in ancient Egyptian history. She was the last of the Egyptian pharaoh who killed her own half-sister for any kind of threat to her throne and power. Julius Ceaser whom she had an affair with, helped her become a pharaoh..

Tutankhamun’s Cursed Tomb

Tutankhamun was a boy-king who died in his teenage.  His small tomb was not like other royals, but it contained all its luxurious things, unlike other tombs that were robbed. His tomb was discovered in 1922, with many incidents and deaths, as a legend curse would attack anyone who tried to open the tomb. But his tomb led to the study of an Egyptian king’s mummified body and revealed the secrets of ancient times.

Board Games were common

People of ancient Egypt used to play popular board games like Senet, Mehen and Mancala. They were hieroglyphic board games, found in Tutankhamun’s tomb as well. The board in Tut’s tomb showed that it was a two-player game with carvings, and thirty squares were drawn on it. 

Makeup was important

Makeup was a daily routine for both men and women of ancient Egypt. They used full-on cosmetics giving it a spiritual meaning and calling it holy. They believed it to be a protection from the gods Ra and Horus. They painted their nails yellow, applied long eyeliners, coloured their eyelids, applied oil on their skin and red ochre paste on lips and cheeks.

Brother sister marriages

It was common in the ancient Egyptian kings to marry their sisters which gave them full trust that their wife was loyal to her husband and family.

Equal rights for both genders

Both women and men had equal rights, no superiority was given to anyone. Women were allowed to buy, sell and inherit anything. They didn’t need any kind of protection if their husbands died or left them, they took care of their children on their own. 

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