Mind-blowing things your brain can do

things brain can do

The brain is the boss of your body and runs the whole show,it can trick you into believing anything it wants and is highly functional. These are the top 10 mind-blowing things your brain can do;

Natural Alarm Clock

If you have a regular sleeping schedule and you stick to it, as most of the people who have jobs to do or are enrolled in certain educational programs, the inbuilt alarm clock of the body is quite effective at waking you up. You would often find yourself waking up before your alarm starts ringing, this is mainly due to stress hormones released by your brain a few hours before the time you’re supposed to wake up.

Learn During Sleep

We’ve always heard this that are brain partially shuts down while we’re asleep, and the brain cannot pick up on new information when it’s asleep. Contradictory to this, scientists carried out research studies which proved that during the REM phase of sleep, the brain could pick up on new information and retain it.

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Accurate judgement of character

The moment we meet someone,we make a mental impression of them based on what the eyes see. We make an assumption about that person,and all of this takes place in about 0.1 seconds. Most of the times the instant judgement is accurate.

Autopilot Mode

Did you know that your brain has an auto-pilot mode? On top of that,it is much better at a given task than the active part of the brain. Studies suggest that once you get a hold of something, the brain transfers the processing of that task to a discrete brain region called default mode network (DMN), which deals with subconscious processing. This makes performing tasks faster and much more accurate.

Foresee The Future

The brain forms its own predictions of what’s going to happen next, which gets more accurate with age. There is a delay between information reaching the brain from the eyes,due to this delay,the brain tends to protect us from injuries and threats by subconsciously predicting the future. If you see a ball high in the sky,you would probably move away even before it hits you.

360-Degree Awareness

The thing we call sixth sense when we sense someone staring or following us it is in fact our ability to observe all 360 degrees of our surroundings. The brain doesn’t have to look behind to make a 3-D image, as it has other means to do so, such as sound. Our sense of hearing alerts us about the things we don’t even see.

Building muscle through thought

Do you dread going to gym but still want a fit, muscular body? All you need to do is think about exercising! Studies suggest just thinking about exercising could result in buildup of muscle.

Believing things that never really happened

Scientists are still not sure how does the brain work, especially when it comes to memories storage and retrieval. A massive chunk of the brain mystery is false memories, which are things that never happened but that you clearly remember. It could go as far as falsely convince Itself of having committed a serious crime

Learn to play instruments with Imaginary Practice

Practice is the key to get good at something or learn something, whether it’s sport or a new language. Were you aware that you could learn something without actually practicing it? You could learn to play piano just by imaginary practice! So, if you’re short on time, learn to play a piano!

Memory editing

Your brain has the ability to edit memories to make you appear better. Two people who have experienced the same incident might remember different details about it as the mind is subjective to your reality and it often distorts memories from what actually happened.

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