The Real Causes Of Depression Have Been Discovered, And They’re Not What You Think


The Real Causes Of Depression Have Been Discovered, And They’re Not What You Think

Depression is a silent killer and is a very serious health issue. Researchers are studying depression since a long time but the exact cause is still to be determined. An estimated 350 million people suffer from depression around the world. A guest writer named Johann Hari at the Huffington Post described the deeper causes which lead to depression.

Talking with Psychologist

The story begins in 1980’s at a clinic of Dr, Vincent Felitti. His clinic was known to be visited by people suffering from extreme obesity. His clinic was regarded as the place where people with severe obesity would often visit. He offered a program where a lot of people registered and shredded insane amounts of weight leading to a well balanced healthy lifestyle. Dr, Vincent Felitti noticed that people who lost a lot of weight often ended up getting into severe depression , or panic attacks or rage. A handful of people also became suicidal.

The Doctor was unable to understand the problem until he had a conversation with a 28 years old woman. The woman went from 408 pounds to 132 pounds in less than a year, 51 weeks to be exact. The bad part was that she started to gain her weight again. In a couple of weeks she gained over 40 pounds and eventually she regained all of her lost weight and stood above 400 pounds within a few months. Dr Felitti talked to the woman. She said that at the time when she was obese most of the men were not interested in talking to her or being with her but as soon as she lost her weight a lot of people approached her. She became a subject of interest to the opposite sex and she was unfimiliar with such attention thus she would flee from situations which involved interaction with men and started to bend more towards food.

As their conversation continued, Dr Felitti asked her when she started to eat compulsively and she answered that she started it from the age of 11. The doctor started to probe and found out that her grandfather started to molest her since 11.

It was a matter of concern for Dr Felitti and he probed into a lot of his clients. Eventually he found that out of 183 people who joined his program, 55 percent of the people were abused sexually as a child. A woman said ” overweight is overlooked and that’s the reason i have to be like that”. Dr Felitti added ” We have learnt that the major problem is not obesity , it is in fact the solution to problems for some people that the rest of us never knew about.

This was a shocking revelation for Dr Felitti. He launched a research program funded by Centers for Disease control and Prevention. He soon discovered that there is a direct relation between adult depression and childhood trauma. The research showed that if a child traumatic events of seven categories then there were 3100 percent more chances of being suicidal as an adult.

The research also found out that such issues can be resolved by discussing it. If you discuss your childhood trauma with a psychiatrist there are significant chances of reduction in medical care. Johann Hari wrote at the Huffington Post , saying : ” People can see a huge fall in future illness if they are just being able to discuss the trauma with someone. There was a total of 35 percent reduction in medical care for those who spoke about their trauma with someone.

I, Doctor ASKY believe that if you see someone in depression or being sad you should never ask them “whats wrong”, instead its time to console them and ask them what happened to them. There is a difference between asking people whats wrong and what happend.

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