Ten most poisonous plants in the world

Ten most poisonous plants in the world

Sometimes, things that are most dangerous are the things that we don’t know about or don’t cognize to be dangerous, such as poisonous plants. Plants are alluring with mesmerizing aroma but they have also evolved to have all sorts of defense mechanisms Such as spines, compounds, and toxins in order to protect themselves from herbivores.

Here’s a list of the top ten most poisonous plants in the world.

Cicuta virosa   Pronunciation for VO  (ciktua virosa)

Also called Water Hemlock, is one of the most poisonous plants in the world.  It contains poisonous compounds called cicutoxin: a type of toxin that causes death by respiratory paralysis and disruption in the nervous system. It’s one of the most famous plants in history, it is responsible for the death of philosopher Socrates around 400 BC.

Digitalis purpurea    Pronunciation for VO   (DIJITALIS PERPURA)

Also known as Foxglove, is a beautiful plant with vibrant colors grown throughout the United States. It contains Digitoxin; a chemical substance that is toxic to humans. It is used in heart medications in small doses. Consuming it in large quantities can lead to hallucinations and irregular heartbeat.

Ten most poisonous plants in the world

Rosary pea   Pronunciation for VO  (ROSARY PEA)

Native Indonesian plant, grown around the tropical region of the world. It contains seeds that are coated with a dark red shell. Inside the shell, a deadly poison called abrin is present. High exposure to abrin causes nervous tension and a series of deadly symptoms that can lead to death within 72 hours.

Castor Bean Plant  Pronunciation for VO  (KASTER BEAN PLANT)

A plant from which famous castor oil is extracted, which is used to treat several types of skin conditions.  The oil is extracted from the beans of this plant. The beans contain ricin which is 6000 times more toxic than cyanide. Death by ingestion is rare although if left untreated may cause death within 24 hours.

Ten most poisonous plants in the world

Gympie Gympie Pronunciation for VO  (JIMPEA JIMPEA)

 Also called the singing bush. The plant is covered by hair-like projections which sting. The projections are covered by a poison called moroidin as a result of stung, there are excruciating stinging pain and skin rashes that can last up to three months. 

White snakeroot

One of the most unique poisonous plants in the world. This has the ability to kill humans indirectly. The plant often gets eaten by cattle grazing. After ingestion poison is absorbed into cow’s tissue. The poison is passed into humans via the consumption of meat or milk, which results in milk sickness.

Oleander  Pronunciation for VO  (OLEYANDER)

Native to Eurasia. All parts of the plant are poisonous containing neriin and digitoxigenin; a poison that causes distortion in the nervous system and also affects heart rate.

Manchineel tree  Pronunciation for VO  (MANKINEEL TREE)

 Native to the United States. This, The manchineel sweet crab apple-like fruit which has a notorious name “little apple of death”; which is filled with sap that causes a burning sensation, painful blisters even temporary blindness.

Wolf’s bane Pronunciation for VO  (WOLFS BAYNE)

 Notoriously named Queen of poisons. It is a vibrant purple plant, all parts are poisonous. It contains aconite; an extremely poisonous substance that causes death by asphyxiation( breathlessness). Its poison has been used for centuries on the arrow tips by hunters.

Atropa belladonna Pronunciation for VO  (ATROPA BELLADONNA)

Belladonna means a beautiful woman. Women in the 16th century used to apply it on their eyes to dilate their pupils, to appear more attractive. Native to Western Hemisphere. Also called deadly nightshade. Berries and leaves of this plant contain highly toxic; tropane alkaloid toxins. It’s mostly consumed by children who mistake it with berries. It causes headaches and hallucinations. It’s an alluring plant however, the beauty is only skin deep. 

The Deadly Nightshade is as deadly as the aforesaid mentioned plants and has been used to assassinate kings and queens throughout history!

Ten most poisonous plants in the world


Cicutoxin – CIKU TOXIN

Digitoxin  – DIJITOXIN

Abrin – AABREN

Moroidin – MOROYEDEN