Studies Show How Climate Change is Affecting Your Health


It has been experimented around with that the change in the climate can somehow bring an affect into the changes over health as well.  No matter whether the climate is based on the extreme cold or the extreme heat of the summer season, it would be somehow bringing much of the effect on the health working as well. Let’s see what sort of changes you can come across with in the change of the climate.

Change No 1: Bad for the heart:

Doctor ASKY / Climate Change

Global warming will be adding much often of the increase in heat waves. This will be building on with the pollution as the ozone that is the major component of the smog. Normally the high levels of pollution are linked to an increase in hospital admissions for cardiac problems. It has been witnessed around that the high temperatures in the summer months in a U.S. city are somehow associated with a decrease in heart-rate variability . Air temperature and so as the ozone can come about to be much bad as for the heart because they influence the way the automatic nervous system functions. The automatic nervous system is also considered to be the part of the central nervous system that helps the body adapt to its environment.

Change No 2: More allergies:

Doctor ASKY / Climate Change

As the climate change, the total pollen production is increasing. A more recent study has investigated around that pollution not only had pollen levels increased in the area, but the populations’ sensitivity to pollen had been somehow increased as well. This is often playing a large role in all allergies, a longer and hence with the more intense pollen season could exacerbate symptoms.

Change No 3: Extreme events:

Doctor ASKY / Climate Change

Global warming may also bring an increase in extreme events that is adding on with the heat waves, floods and large storms. This could come with high death tolls.  Heat and drought have been always mentioned away to be the deadliest natural disasters. Change in climate will make the heat worse as well.

Change No 4:  Disease spread:

Doctor ASKY / Climate Change

Hence the increases in heat and rainfall in some of the certain areas brought on by climate change may make conditions ripe for disease spread. It can lead to the rise of so many vector-borne diseases illnesses in which a host organism such as the insect, carries and transmits a disease-causing agent are particularly affected by all the more varying weather and hotter temperatures. This is probably for the reason that these vectors are cold-blooded and hence they rely on their surrounding environment to control their internal heat. This is for the reason that the increase in temperature would potentially favour insect life and hence would possibly allow the spread of certain diseases such as the malaria right into new areas. Rainfall also attend much benefits to the insect life that will give birth to particularly water-borne diseases.

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