Skipping Breakfast vs Eating Breakfast


You might have heard all your life that Breakfast is the most important meal of your whole day and yet the healthiest one. It is believed that it imparts great health effects to your whole body and the metabolism as well. All the nutrition’s from the world do recommend eating breakfast as they all do it. The main reason they tell this fact is that breakfast helps you to lose weight while skipping it may lead you to obesity. The article is based on detailed facts to let you know what does skipping a breakfast does to your body or taking it.

Eating Breakfast: A Healthy Habit or Not?


The statement is based on research that has proved that people who take their breakfast daily develop a good health. By good health, it means they are least likely to develop the problems like obesity, or overweight and have lower chances of developing chronic diseases.

But this is based on an observational study which did not explore the real cause behind the whole scene.

There might be chances in which people who eat breakfast might be relying on a healthy diet or lifestyle which may keep them healthy. Their diet may be based on micronutrients and a lot of fiber which gives an extra shot to their metabolism.

While the others which skip their breakfast might be drinking or smoking a lot, and not doing any exercise at all.

Well, there are obvious chances that breakfast eaters might be healthy due to this while those skipping their breakfasts suffer from bad health due to their own poor lifestyle. And the breakfast has nothing to do with it.

There are other randomized controlled studies which suggest that eating or skipping breakfast doesn’t really matter to your health.


Does eating breakfast Boost your metabolism or not?


There’s another famous myth about taking breakfast and that is, “Eating breakfast gives a “kick” to your metabolic system”.

The reason which they give behind this myth is that the food that you eat has its thermic effects which increase the burned calories after the breakfast.

However, the truth is what pushed the metabolism is the total number of calories you consume throughout the day, no matter what time of the day it is.

The studies have shown that either you skip or take your breakfast, the calories burned throughout the day are the same for both of them, depending upon the number of calories.

Do you really gain weight by skipping Breakfast?


As mentioned before, it is believed that those who take their breakfast tend to lose their weight at the end of the day or month while those who skip their breakfast gain some weight.

You might be thinking how can skip a meal cause you weight-gain? Well, some claims that skipping your breakfast makes you hungry enough to let you eat more at your lunch time. Well, this makes some sense but still not supported by any evidence till now.

The studies have shown that skipping your breakfast actually helps you lose over 400 calories per day.

A randomized controlled trial took place recently to prove this phenomenon, it was a 4-month study in which 309 obese men and women that were recommended to skip or eat their breakfast. What did they find after 4-months was surprising for those who believed in losing weight after having their breakfasts that it doesn’t really matter? The weight of both the groups was the same at the end of the trial. Thus, skipping a breakfast does not make any impact on your weight.


Depends on your Choice:

Well, the age of myths is over now. Everything is based on facts and figures and the randomized controlled trials so far have proven that there is nothing special about breakfasts. It is totally your choice whether you take it or not. It has nothing to do with your metabolism or weight gain as told by the observational studies so far.

If you really feel hungry in the morning, that’s good, you can go for a protein-rich breakfast that will make a healthy impact on your mind and body. But, what if you don’t feel hungry? There is nothing wrong with this. You can simply your breakfast and may go for a mid-noon snack. It is totally your choice what you like for yourself or not.

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