Seven Ways To Spot Narcissists , Sociopaths and Psychopaths


Narcissist: A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

Psychopath: A person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

Sociopath: A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior.

The thing common in these three types of people is that they are not interested in the world outside of themselves, and even if they are it is in a totally nonchalant way. They don’t give a damn about anyone and anything and like to keep to themselves; one type of maniac introverts they are.

There are some signs by which we can identify them.

1) Exploitation without guilt:

These people usually feel no shame at all in using others for personal benefits. They use you like a tissue paper and then throw you away as if you never were the one who supported them in their difficult times. They do this without one bit of remorse or any sign of an apology anywhere just because they don’t care who you are and what you are going through after their betrayal. They just want their work done and you are ‘nobody’ to them.

2) Antisocial:

They mostly like to keep to themselves, mostly because they think no one is good enough to be in their company because they are oh-so-magnificent and other people are not rich enough to afford their grandeur. They are totally self-absorbed people and are brutally unaware of the fact that how weird they seem to the sane world. They always deny party invitations and all other occasions where interaction with other people is involved.

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3) Shallow emotions:

One way or the other they are cold-blooded, stone-hard, numb people. No matter how surreal or

nerve-wracking thing you explain to them, there is no chance that they are going to get ecstatic, fascinated or start crying, for that matter. You can never get more than a grimace out of them for a genuine smile. They are numb.

4) Attention-seekers:

They want each and every single person attentive towards them and giving them importance. They don’t want to be the neglected section of society. They will try stone hard to get your attention even if they have to call you names in different pitches and accents for it. These habits can be genetically transferred or develop with passing time.

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5) Rational thinking:

They are usually practical people who like to ponder over things. They deem themselves genius enough to make beneficial decisions. In other matters too, they see what other people usually neglect and do not deem worthy of notice. This is somehow a positive factor. Observation can be seen as a good factor to look out for them without being too judgemental.

6) A turgid sense of self-worth:

They think about themselves so high that they don’t know that they take self-importance to a totally new level. They like to boast about themselves being overly efficient even if they are not. They like to believe that they are the most beautiful, multi-talented, and genius. And that they are flawless and no one else can reach the peak of perfection like they have.

7) Lying frequently:

This habit seems to be in their bones and blood. Whenever they feel threatened by someone more confident than them who has the nerve to confront them they choose the one and only path they have left; lying. They like to cover their imperfections by lying about them and presenting them in such a way that they appear no big problem. They are usually things they brag about and the cover is somehow blown afterward. Also hiding their mistakes and other things that went wrong by them are manipulated through lies. We should look out for these three specific kinds of people because they could involve us in toxic relationships and make us mentally ill just like them!

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