Secrets of Positive Attitude


Secrets of Positive Attitude

Greetings self help reader,

Are you continously bombarded by negative thoughts ? Do you feel plagued by that insecured feelings? Do you always see things in a negative manner?

The reason for this always lies deep inside your heart. You are what you fed yourself spiritually and mentally.  If a person consumes alcohol everyday, its guaranted that their body will be affected in a way. They might develop cancer or liver issues or some other type of health related issue which is directly related to the quantity of alcohol they consume. The same is with negative thoughts. If a person always feed themselves with negative thoughts , They become a negative person.

If you feel that you are becoming a negative person , its time to go on a positive diet. A diet full of positive attitude food. You have to take the step to stop feeding your mind the negative things. Go ahead and ask yourself that whether this thought is Negative or positive? Do you know what negative thoughts look like?

The greatest books of history like bible speaks about positivity and telling us to take every thought captive. The actual problem with our society is that things are opposite. Our thoughts have taken us into captivity and we have become slaves of our thoughts.  We have already let our thoughts to control us.

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How to know about your Negativity :

The best way to know about our self is to ask someone close to us. Ask your spouse or siblings or people who you think care for you. Ask them to rate you on a scale of 1-10. 10 being super negative and 1 being super positive. Tell them and request them to be super honest about you and assure them that it will ease your pain and you wont judge them or feel bad about whatever they say to you.  Ask this person to tell you what they find negative in you. You can also ask for advice on how to overcome that negativity. The more advice , the better results.

Once you have done asking them, the next step is to be extremely honest with yourself. The words are actually a reflection of your inside. Your words are who you are. The good news is that you can change it with a little effort. You have to make a choice to do so. You must decide to get rid of negativity through positivity.  Memo helps a lot, make a memo , write the negative things and replace them with positive on paper.  When you are done with it , make extraordinary efforts to insert these new positive thoughts in your mind. Shortly you will start noticing real positive change in your life.

Not only you , but your family, friends and co-workers will notice this positive change in your life. They might not exactly know what is different about you but they will find you a different person and will accept that you are no longer the same person as you used to be.

There are many things that can cause negativity in your life. It could be the movies, news, constantly holding on to the bad past or bad memores and the list could go on. You have to eliminate these things if you are looking forward for your positive mental health and success. Sometimes or we can say that most of the time News are negative and they never help someone who wants to get rid of these negative thoughts. When you are feeding the negative news like someone’s death, gunshots, terrorism to your brain the outcome will be negative. I am not telling you to be emotionless. I understand that there are times that one should grieve when they lose their loved ones, or they are sympathetic to the society but at the same time if you keep repeating those bad memories and negative things in your brain you will eventually lead into depression.


The person who has passed away  is never coming back and you have to accept that and close that chapter  in your life. It is indeed a very difficult task but to move on with your positive life you have to accept that.

Trust me, You can do it. You will have that positive attitude . You will have all the positivity in your life if you simply follow my advice. You do not have to be the person who you were in your past. You can always be different in the upcoming days and in the future.


Beleive me, the choice is yours. I know that you will make a very positive decision.



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