Reasons Why Some Women Have More Facial Hair

Why Some Women Have More Facial Hair

Every human has facial hair naturally. Most people have the notion that facial hair is limited to men only. However, women also have hair, but they are finer and smaller than male hair. Men can grow beards and have thicker hair due to the high levels of testosterone in their bodies. Though women also have hair follicles on their faces, they have lower levels of testosterone. However, many women experience excessive hair growth on their faces. Unlike usual facial hair, these hair are thicker and more coarse. Many factors and underlying health conditions may be responsible in such cases. Have you ever wondered why some women struggle with thicker and excessive hair? Some of the most common reasons some women have more facial hair include:

  1. Excessive stress

Have you been under a lot of stress during the past few months? Has your life been going through lots of ups and downs lately? If yes, then this excessive stress may be the culprit behind excessive facial hair. Too much pressure leads to a build-up of cortisol in your body. High levels of cortisol can wreak havoc on your body systems and hormone production. It may lead to Cushing’s syndrome and cause excessive hair growth on your face.

  • PCOS

PCOS is a common medical condition causing excessive hair growth in women. Many women struggle with the social or cultural stigma associated with facial hair due to this syndrome. It involves cyst formation in the ovaries that disrupts ovulation and the regular menstrual cycle. As a result, your body goes through hormonal imbalances resulting in facial hair. This condition often begins with puberty and affects millions worldwide. Other symptoms include irregular periods, obesity, dark patches on your neck and armpits, and infertility in some cases.

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  • Tumors

Are you suddenly having more and thicker hair on your face? It may indicate an underlying tumor. Tumors in the adrenal gland and ovaries can set off your hormonal balance. As a result, the male hormones increase inside the female body, causing unwanted hair growth. Other signs include a male-like balding, hoarse voice, and higher muscle mass. Luckily, most of these tumors aren’t cancerous, and treating them can put a halt to your hair issues.

  • Some medications

Did you know that topical corticosteroids in ointments or some beauty products can cause extra hair growth? People who take steroids are prone to side effects like weight gain, facial hair, and thinning head hair. Some medications can also cause extra hair growth on the face. If you face such side effects, consult your healthcare provider!

  • Genetics

Hereditary factors play an essential role in determining the thickness of the hair on your face. Women belonging to South Asian and Mediterranean backgrounds usually have more facial hair than women with American or European genetics. The genetic makeup determines where and when this hair will appear on your face

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