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The positive thinking sounds like a popular concept, a cliche thought that sometimes can become a source of physical and mental benefits, and also, which has already been proven in many scientific studies. Positive thinking sounds useful in general and most of us would want to be positive rather than be negative but it is also an easy term that is easy to disregard. In the real world, positive thinking can help you to be more skilled, improve mood and even can enhance the likelihood to develop a situation to reduce hypertension and disorders relating to stress; but, it rarely has the same prominence. All this seems great, but is the situation really improving? And most importantly, what does it means? To answer these question we would like to refer to some of the recent research. However, positive thinking can be defined as the positive imagery, positive self-talk, and optimism. But these terms are still profound and vague. Some concrete examples would be better to make you understand the real process. So here are some of the examples.

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To begin a day with:   

How a day is started judges the rest of the day. People sometimes wake up late and then get panicked and then feels like nothing good is going to happen today. Have you ever had this feeling? Well, this happens because the whole day goes with the pessimistic thoughts and that drives your day. Instead of letting pessimism dominate you, start your day with optimistic agreements. Try talking to yourself in the mirror – even if it sounds crazy. Talk to yourself like “you can do it”, “My day is going to be great” and “I am going to do great today”.

Be focused on the good thing:

It is certain that you are going to encounter bad things and challenges today. There is no such thing as a perfect day. What if, that imperfect day is converted into a lesson day?

What if, the mistakes that are done today will not repeat again, and even if repeated, they will not have enough impact on me as it is just another lesson trying to make a place in the long-term memory. For example, if you are encountered to a traffic jam on your way home, just imagine how much time you have to listen to your favorite podcast. If there is no food in the store, imagine the thrill you will have while trying something new.

Be humorous

Try to be humorous. Even in the darkest and trying moments of your lives. Just keep telling yourself that this situation is going to change. Try to crack a joke out of it. Imagine what kind of job you will get after this – like a tiger trainer.

Be a learner

Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. This is not happening for the first time in this world. Try not to let your failures drive you – and eventually drive you away from your goals etc. turn your failures into lessons. Learn from them and try not to do the same mistake again and carry out some more rules for yourself. For example, try to make two to three new rules for this project (in which you made mistake).

Be a positive partner in conversation with yourself

Negative thoughts can creep anyone’s mind out and even though they are hard to notice. A thought might come up in your mind that ‘you are bad at it’, ‘you should not have done that or even tried’. These thoughts can cement a conception of being good or better. So, whenever this kind of thoughts is detected, try to replace them with positive thoughts. For example, “I am bad at this” can be transformed into “once I have learned from it, I will be way better”. And, “I shouldn’t have tried it” can be transformed into “that didn’t work out well – next time maybe.”

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Be focused on present

Be focused on the present – neither this day nor this hour, but this very moment. Your head may have scolded you five minutes or he might be going to scold you in five minutes. What is the thing that matters the most right now, is this very moment. This very moment is the key to happiness. This very moment should be the thing that should matter to you the most. In most situations, you will find yourself in a situation which is not as bad as it looked like. Most sources of negativity come from a past or exaggerated imagination of a potential future. Try to live in this very moment – present.

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Be with positive people

When someone is surrounded with positive people, he/she will encounter positivity (positive feelings, positive stories and positive affirmation etc.) and their positive words will sink in and affect the very thoughts of yours which will then affect your words and will eventually contribute to the group. To find positive people will help you resist negativity and eventually it will yourself consumed by negativity. Do whatever it takes to improve the positivity of others and let their positivity affect you in the same way. In the end, you will feel a drastic change in yourself and your daily life.

Not only psychological benefits does the positive thinking has over the body, but also it has health benefits as well. In addition to, some reasons may not be enough for the motivation so, the health benefits should also be considered.

The Health Benefits

Researchers have explored numerous health benefits of optimism. The people who are optimist can enjoy:

  1. Better skills to cope up with problems in hardships and stress.
  2. An increased life-span (mostly).
  3. Lower depression.
  4. Depression at a lower level.
  5. Reduction the risk of death by cardiovascular diseases and better cardiovascular health
  6. Resistance to common cold at a greater level.
  7. Better Physical and Psychological well-being.



However, almost anyone can apply the rules, mentioned above, on their lives to enjoy the health benefits (which are mentioned above). Although, it is not clear – yet – why people experience health benefits by using positive thinking, yet it is clear that it gives compounding returns. Thus, the more often you practice it, positive thinking; the more health and other benefits you will realize.


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