Positive Effects of Walking on Health


        “There’s nothing more important than our good health that’s our principal capital asset.”                                                                                                                      (Arlen Specter)

And how we assure that good health comes from walking daily and a balanced diet as well? Well, we are here to let you know the facts that walking daily makes on your body and mind as well. It not only gets you relieved from physical problems like joint pain, weak bones but emotional stress too such as depression, anxiety, etc. it helps you reduce the risks of chronic diseases and ensures beating all the mental stress too. In fact, most health professionals have recommended walking over running as an easy exercise to carry on than jogging or going to the gym. Thus, it is not only your physical health that matters but mental health too.

Here are some benefits of walking on your body which will definitely ensure a healthy living style:

Positive impact on Heart:


Today most of the people are suffering from various heart risks which need to be controlled as soon as you can. For those, walking on a daily basis is an utmost priority as it directly impacts your heart and blood circulation and reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. It has also been reported that adults and old people who walk almost 4 hours a week reduce the chances of heart problems as compared to those who remain seated or prefer a sedentary lifestyle.  Don’t let the heart problems reach you until you walk 4 hours a week. Not a big task for those who are young and even for the old people.


Let’s lose some weight:


Walking is itself a great exercise that lets you lose some pounds if you stick to it on daily basis. If you are unable to spare some time for a walk daily, which you must you can simply walk to your nearby destinations instead of driving. You can also keep a note on your walking time or footsteps taken for a good record of walking every day and that you maintain it. in no less than 4 weeks you will see a change nor in your looks but your health too. and if you are obese then walking is quite essential for you as obesity itself brings many diseases, diabetes being one of the most common. Don’t let your fats overwhelm your body instead make it a good time to kill some calories instead.


Control your Blood Pressure:


Yet another famous and most common problem which needs to get checked as soon as you can otherwise it may kill you. Again, walking on a daily basis for at least an hour can really help to combat blood pressure. Walking not only helps you regulate your metabolism but also keeps a check on your blood pressure levels. It ensures a normal blood circulation level and helps overcome hypertension.


Combat Cancer:


Cancer has been reported to claim millions of lives in no time. But no need to get afraid as there is a cure for every cause. One of the reasons of getting prone to cancer may be the sedentary lifestyle. But walking every day can really kill the chances of falling to a disease like cancer. And for those who unluckily got prone to cancer, still walking every day helps to those going through cancer treatment by reducing the adverse side effects of chemotherapy. It has also been reported to reduce the risks of breast cancer.


Enhances Blood Circulation:


Walking helps to improve the blood circulation all over the body especially to the brain which has a healthy impact on your intelligence too. Don’t get surprised to know this rare fact as there are many others to come. Your brain feeds on glucose and walking helps to supply not only blood but glucose to your brain. Thus, a mind that is fed well functions well. Also, it reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol in your blood which is known as “Bad Cholesterol” and reduces the risks of stroke too. it not only improves blood circulation to the brain only but to every minor cell of the body and ensures its proper functioning as well.


Fights Diabetes:


As already mentioned, sedentary lifestyle pushes young men and women to obesity which is a top leading risk to Type 2 Diabetes. The exponential growth of this disease is basically due to this lifestyle that our adults and office workers have adopted. But walking every day helps you to stay active with a fresh mind as well. Control your diabetes and moods as well only by walking a few thousand steps a day.


Strengthen Bones and Muscles:


It’s a common fact that with age your muscles and bones tend to become weaker. While regular walking keeps your muscles and bones strong and in good shape. It helps you prevent muscle loss as well. It keeps the bone density and muscle strength and improves the stamina as well. Thereby reducing the risks of old age bone diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis etc. it maintains a good balance of body, improves the posture and assures your health. It also reduces accompanying pain in joints with growing age.


Improves Digestion:


Improper digestion may also lead to minor and major consequences if not treated properly. It leads to gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and even colon cancer. Well, walking seems to be an ultimate solution to all the above problems. So, it is very important to keep your digestive system healthy and active as well. Walking for 20-30 minutes after every meal is a good deal that you make to yourself every day. it won’t let you gain weight as well.


Boosts Immunity:


Your immune functions are as important as a good diet to your body. it helps you fight all the external infections and risks and ensures your good health. So, it is very advisable to keep your immune system active and healthy as well. Walking daily activates the immune cells such as T-cells, B-cells, natural killer cells etc. it also increases the activity of white blood cells which fights all the foreign bodies and helps your body heal quickly.


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