Pentagon released three UFO videos taken by US navy pilots


On Monday, three declassified videos were released by Pentagon which showed that US navy pilots encountered some unidentified flying objects/ UFOs in the air. Pentagon depicted these grainy videos and said that these are “unexplained aerial phenomena”. These were leaked in the past and some believe that they show alien UFOs. A statement was released by Pentagon on the Department of Defense website where it released the footage so that the misconception could be cleared up for the public regarding the real footage whether it was real or not and regarding more videos. The videos were released so that the public could see it themselves and hear the pilots how they were confused and in awe when they saw the objects hurtling in the sky.

Release of three unclassified videos:

The statement further said that after the footage was thoroughly reviewed, the department determined the authorized release of the unclassified videos which do not reveal any sensitive systems or capabilities and these videos do not impinge on any sort of subsequent investigations of military air space incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena. The statement further added that the videos had been circulating in the public domain during 2007 after unauthorized releases and also during 2017. It was also explained that the aerial phenomena observed in such videos continue being categorized as unidentified. The Navy Aircraft cameras captured the videos which showed floating black shapes and that too with accelerating speed throughout the wind.

Videos released by pentagon:

The three videos released by Pentagon show what the pilots had seen during 2004 and 2015 during their training flights. New York Times published two of these videos during 2017 by Tom DeLonge, however, another video was released by him for To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science group, a private science and media organization. A video from 2004 showed that the incident that happened 100 miles out over the Pacific and Off the East Coast as mentioned by the New York Times. An oblong object was seen hovering in the sky by the two navy fighter pilots above the water. However, the object flew immediately, and one of the pilots Cmdr. David Fravor mentioned that it flew so quickly within seconds that he has never seen such a thing before as told to the NYT.

UFO video sightings during 2015:

During the video seen in 2015, the objects moved so quickly that it seemed like they were spinning or rotating according to the pilot. The release of these videos by Pentagon adds legitimacy to these videos and will spur additional speculations regarding the interaction of humans with extraterrestrials.  For reporting any UFO sightings, there are guidelines advised by the Navy. In response to these videos, Harry Reid who is the former Senate Democratic from Nevada and during 2007, he also funded the research program into UFOs. He also tweeted regarding these three videos that these only scratch from the surface of the materials and research available. The US government and authorized department need to take a logical, serious look at these videos and find out regarding any national security connections. He further added that the American people deserve the information regarding this matter.

Discussion regarding extraterrestrials among the american politicians:

During recent years, the discussion has been outrageous regarding the extraterrestrials and these videos among the American Politicians. During 2016, the presidential campaign led by Hillary Clinton where she claimed that if she would be elected as the president, she will release the files regarding the potential matter of UFO sightings. John Podesta who was the chairman of her campaign showed some interest in this subject as well. Last June, Donald Trump also fueled some news regarding the extraterrestrials during his discussion with the political circles where he said that he was briefed regarding the sightings of some unidentified aircraft by the navy pilots in the country.

In an interview with ABC News, Donald Trump said that he thinks it’s probably what I want them to think and whatever they think. He further added that they do say and he did see and read and has heard about it. He explained that he had a brief meeting over this but people believe and say that they are seeing UFOs. He said, “DO I BELIEVE IT? NOT PARTICULAR.” During September, an internet prank led to the arrival of 75% of people at Area 51 which is the infamous top-secret military facility located within the Nevada desert. This place is rumored as the house which keeps the evidence of extraterrestrials in-project to identify the evidence regarding the aliens. This invitation to Area 51 sparked festivals at the Nevada desert. According to the local sheriff, an estimated figure of around 1500 people attended the festivals who showed great interest in the extraterrestrial life.

Investigation conducted by IRISH aviation authority:

During 2018, the Irish Aviation Authority also investigated the UFO sighting which was reported by the commercial airline pilots. IAA claimed that they would investigate the sight but the spokesman from the organization further explained that it was unlikely that such objects were some sort of beings from different planets other than the Earth.



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