Myths about Weight Loss


Myths about Weight Loss

There are several misconceptions and myths about about weight loss. You must be aware of all of them if you are in practice of losing weight and reading all of them. You must have researched properly on any myth you come through and should review their pros and cons.

One popular misconception about weight loss is that anything that is labeled with “natural” is safe when actually it is not. Because most of these labeled products haven’t been through some basic scientific tests. Just as an example “Ephedra” is used in some weight loss products which in actual is banned by federal authorities because of being unhealthy. Even the products containing Ephedra like compounds are dangerous too. So, you must always consult your dietitian or doctor before taking any herbal weight loss product. He can better guide you about any kind of medicine or product you owe for your weight loss plan.

Another misconception about weight loss is that you can still lose weight no matter whatever you are eating. While in actual, you must be aware of the calories you are consuming and accordingly take exercise so that you may burn more calories than the intake. You must limit the portions of carbs, fats, and protein so you do not gain extra weight. Losing weight is only possible if you are taking low-calorie diet while doing more workout. But still you can choose to eat the food you like the most and if they are high in calories it’s better you take them sparingly.

Another misconception is with the foods labeled as “low-fat” which people think of low in calories. Though some low-fat products may actually do not contain many calories some of them do contain as many calories as high-fat products. They may be loaded with sugar or fat making the caloric count higher. So, it is important to check the constituents and the relative weight of calories in any product you buy from the store if you are on a low-calorie diet.

Prior sticking to any diet plan, you must have complete knowledge about the foods and their impact on your bodies. It is generally considered that fast food cannot be eaten while on a diet plan when actually it is not and you can actually lose some weight. Now, how is it possible? Fast food can really help but it does not mean you start taking supersize combo deals. Replace your cold drinks with pure water. Grilled steaks and salads make a great combination for weight loss keeping the condiments, such as mayonnaise and dressings, cheese to a minimum. Avoid taking fried chicken or fries as well. If you come to visit any Mexican restaurant you can try a taco made of salsa rather than cheese and sauce. So, now freely visit the restaurants without getting frightened of fast foods.

Another commonly believed thing is eating after 8 p.m. can make you fat. It is possible to some extent but what matters the most is how much calories are you taking in and how many of them are you burning. You can take the snacks while watching a movie or a play but only if you haven’t taken enough of calories in the day. So, the caloric intake must always be balanced.

Some individuals may think that lifting weight can do harms to your body while in actuality it helps you burn more of your fats and give a shape to your body. it builds the muscle strength and burns the calories. You can engage yourself in such weight lifting activities twice or thrice a week only and avoid taking any kind of supplements.

You can see you might be one of the believers of these misconceptions too and instead of doing any good you can harm yourself. So, it is always recommended that you consult your dietitian or physician prior starting any diet plan on your own.

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