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Stuffy nose is one of the oldest and the most common complaint in all ages. It is also known as nasal congestion which results in obstruction of nasal breathing. It is a source of considerable discomfort and can be an utter nuisance to some.


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From years of research and medical studies, some main causes of nasal stuffiness have been established. Allergic rhinitis is the most common cause of nasal congestion nowadays, owing to pollution and increase in allergic triggers. Non-allergic or vasomotor rhinitis is also one of the main causes of stuffy nose. Other than allergic and non-allergic rhinitis, infections and structural abnormalities also play a great role in developing nasal congestion.

Below are the most common causes for nasal stuffiness which result in very irritation congestion and other associating symptoms such as headache, body pains, nausea, and feeling of sickness and sometimes also accompanied with fever.

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Nasal stuffiness is usually associated with the common cold. Infectious causes of nasal congestion include bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Viral infections usually depend on immunity. Viral infections tend to occur more in childhood as there is less body immunity. As age progresses, immunity also strengthen with age and there are less chances for development of viral infections.

There are airborne viruses as well as some viruses that are transmitted through body contact. The mechanism is almost same everywhere. Once there is an allergen reaction from foreign body, the human body releases histamine which is a chemical compound responsible for increasing blood flow to the nose and causes swelling of nasal tissue. The nasal membranes then get inflamed and become congested with blood. Excessive amounts of mucus are produced which blocks the nasal tract. It becomes difficult to breathe.

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Common cold symptoms can be relieved by taking anti-histamines such as telfast 120mg and decongestants. These drugs relieve the common cold symptoms but these are not a definite cure for them as viral infections cannot be cured, they go on their own. So after a particular time, these infections wade away. If the nasal mucosa changes color or the discharge that you are getting is yellowish or green in color, you must believe that it is a bacterial infection and it is soon followed by fever and cold. A proper physician should be asked to take care of it as he will prescribe antibiotics that are best suitable for your condition.

Sinusitis is the infection of sinuses along with nasal congestion which is associated with headache and pain around eyes, in the cheeks as well as around the teeth region. Acute condition can be resolved with antibiotics whereas chronic sinusitis requires surgery.

Nasal structural abnormalities such as DNS (deviated nasal septum) also result in on and off stuffy nose. These deformities are either by birth or due to some injury. Babies often get injured during birth processes and their nasal septum suffers damage. If breathing is difficult then surgery may be the treatment of choice. Enlargement of adenoids also known as adenoid hypertrophy is also a cause of nasal congestion in children. They are usually chronic mouth-breathers and develop abnormal faces. Surgery is advised to remove the causative adenoids or tonsils. Tumors and foreign bodies should also be ruled out by consulting a physician.

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