Meghan Markle landed a golden future with the British monarch but with what power?


Let’s face it. Rachel Meghan Markle landed a golden future with the British monarch which is true beyond doubt but with what power, her looks?  No. Her brains?  Yes. Meghan is at the age where a girl is expected to be wise enough and emotionally stable. Sure her beauty, her taste in fashion, her classiness and her talent tops it but what lies at the foundation is her mental maturity.

In opinion of critics, Meghan has only been able to cope with the pressure of being betrothed to a famous royal because she is in a mature age. One’s age and life experience do count but there are many examples of celebrity girls who are in the same age group yet exhibit zero maturity towards life. Meghan has something that most of us lack, a stable mind and a mature personality. Her eyes and her body language radiate her inner calm all the time.

Coming to Diana’s dear boys, Prince Harry has always been a wild horse for Buckingham to control. Compared to Prince William he has been quite boyish and carefree for whom the Queen actually needed someone who could take his reins and not be a crybaby herself. Meghan fits these criteria perfectly. We are well aware of the family drama that has been going on around Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry. The phony photos scandal from his father was the last straw and made us shake our heads in disbelief. One can only imagine the enormous fits of panic such chaos could send to a bride-to-be in, let alone the commoner bride-to-be of a Prince but kudos to Meghan for keeping her demeanor graceful.

Meghan handled the disastrous situation in a commendable way and did not let it curse her wedding at all. Prince Harry is reportedly a fan of this particular trait of his beloved wife and to be honest, at the end of the day who wouldn’t want a stable, sane partner to be there for them! It does not matter if we admit it or not, fact is that boys are always going to prefer girls who are wise and graceful. Meghan has now proved her charm to the world. No one has witnessed a nervous look or a gloomy smile on her face the day before wedding. She was beaming on her way to wedding rehearsals. She has looked completely relaxed when she arrived at Cliveden House Hotel with her mother by her side. It seemed as if she had her whole world with her and needed exactly no one else to be there for her. According to Meghan’s hairstylist, she was perfectly happy and peaceful on the morning of her big day and seemed to enjoy every moment of it with her mother.

Meghan’s role can help all of us girls note down our own guidebook for a contented, happy life which certainly does not require a Prince and does not involve:

  • Always looking forward to cry on your man’s shoulder
  • Being a nervous creature who does not know how to respond/react
  • Being an expert only in swooning over hunks and drooling over fashion
  • Waiting for him to rescue you out of your woes and dramas
  • Last but not least, letting go of the control of your own self.

About the Author : Mish is a young talented writer who sheds light on social issues and find inspiration in almost everything.

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