Losing Weight And Not Gaining It Back

Losing Weight And Not Gaining It Back

They say losing weight is the most challenging task of all, but I would say maintaining it is the hardest one.

We all have read several articles on losing weight or seen videos, but how many of us know the authentic answers to never gaining it back?

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The only key to never gaining the lost weight is by maintaining it; you cannot expect the cake to taste bitter when you keep on adding sugar in it.

The study tells that drinking water half an hour before a meal helps you to eat in a minimum quantity, thus limiting the calories, it also activates the metabolism or digestion (food processing). Drinking lemon and honey in lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning helps melt the fat. Drinking water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar gives your stomach a feeling of fullness, thus making you eat less.

When you eat, your brain receives the signal of being full, half an hour late from the stomach; this often results in stomach pain from overeating. Always remember to eat half of what your starvation/ hunger tells you, your belly will thank you half an hour later.

Try chewing your way out, chew your food 32-40 times per bite. Continuously chewing will decrease the need to eat more as it will exhaust you. It will give time for your brain to know when your stomach is full, and a well-chewed food will help in digestion, giving you more energy. 

Time is the essence of everything; having meals at a proper time- three times a day, will for sure, keep you both healthy and well maintained. Try to have a nutritious, magnificent breakfast early in the morning around 7 am, then have a light lunch at around 1 pm and even lighter dinner in the evening during sunset period or 7 pm. If you tend to get hungry in between, have a healthy snack like salad, carrot, cucumber, fruit even, or a cup of warm milk.

Have a diary, keep in writing whatever you eat every day, this will help keep a check on yourself and calculate the calories you have consumed daily. Noting every step down will give you the motivation not to be distracted from what you aim to achieve.

It is not wrong to have a support system. Have a friend or person you trust to confide in, tell that person whenever you crave to have a pound of cake. This method will make sure for you to always stay on track, the person will remind you of your goals and talk your mind out of your sinfully sweet cravings.

Wake up half an hour before your expected time in the morning, do a 10 minutes cardio, drink a detox juice, and have your breakfast. Prepare your lunch to take with you for work. Always have fresh and healthy food, say no to processed food. If you do not have the time to cook your meals, take out the time during the weekend and store food in freezer for weekdays use, this will save you time and energy, and keep you healthy. Store your fridge with fruits and vegetables to have it as snacks. Always carry a banana or an apple in your bag to have it whenever the time is of inconvenience, and hunger takes over you.

Always remember to have your meals on time; otherwise it will disturb your metabolism. Never skip or delay a meal.

How do you keep your weight under control? Tell us in the comments below.

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