Is It Bad To Wear Bra When Going To Bed ?


Till now I’d also known that wearing a bra at night is not only bad but may cause cancer and so on. But writing this piece, it had let me do some research on my own and was surprising to know how contradictory is this statement to reality. It seems like we’ve been doing things not knowing their reality and not even bothering to find out the fact. Well, I hope this piece of the article might help you explore the TRUTH.


The experts have totally denied the statement by saying that there is nothing bad in wearing your bra 24/7 a day. The M.D. director of medical breast services at the Cleveland Clinic named Holly Paderson says that “There is no such evidence that proves that wearing a tight bra or any other type of bra is harmful in any way.”

One of the most horrifying myths about bras is that wearing it at night is a reason for cancer. I can imagine how many girls had been worrying all night that putting their bras can be a cause to cancer and they have been doing it all their life so they may develop it. Or consulting their lady doctors that will they develop breast cancer in near life? Quite a disgraceful. Well, now make sure there is no link between wearing your bra at night and developing cancer in the morning. Breast cancer has its own good reasons to develop in your breasts.


Another case study carries at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle confirmed it that no matter what bra are you wearing either with rods or without rods, whatever is the cup size or frequency of wear, at which age you started wearing should bother you about developing breast cancer or could be a source of it.

Now, the other side of the mirror says is there any good reason to wear the bra at night? Some also have misconceptions too about wearing your bra all day and night. They believe that wearing it 24/7 helps them to acquire perkiness and a round shape of their boobs. Sir Paderson again clarifies here that not even the best bra can prevent the droopiness of your boobs as no one can prevent gravity’s pull. Also, as we age our breast tissue starts getting replaced by the fat which is softer and thus makes it saggy.


Well, concluding the topic with a suggestion that always goes for what’s easy for you. If you feel comfortable in your bras you can wear it at night to keep your boobs at one place and if without a bra then put them off before you fall asleep. The recommended type of bra is a soft, cotton bra that will not let you feel tightened or loose at the other end. And stop worrying about bra’s doing any harm to your breasts. They are all safe so go easy girls.

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