Is Earth in a Special Place

Is Earth in a Special Place

Cosmology is a branch of astronomy that involves the origin and evolution of the universe, from the BIG BANG to the present day into the future. There was a general concept in the science of cosmology that Earth is just another planet orbiting around the Sun. There is nothing special about it nor its elements. According to Stephen Weinberg, “Copernicus discovered that there was nothing special about the position of the Earth. It was just one of many planets.” This idea dates back to the Renaissance period, and Copernicus’s discovery that Earth revolves around the Sun.

However, this concept is not correct anymore logically, historically, or even factually. It is so unfair of us to think that if Earth does not occupy the central position in the arrangement of planets, that means Earth is not in a particular place. It has nothing to do with the specialty of this planet. Since in Copernicus’s time, no one knew how big the Sun was, it was quite possible to think that Sun revolves around the Earth. But as we now know, Earth is way smaller than the Sun and could never be able to hold it by its weaker gravitational field. Considering their dimensions, the Earth must revolve around the Sun.

What makes the position of Earth from Sun so special is that it can sustain life. No other planet is yet proved to carry life as the Earth does. Thus, it is the requirement of life, not abstract geometry, that determines the importance of this planet. Life is possible only on Earth because it does occupy a unique position. The creation theory predicts that no other planet, either in the solar system or anywhere else, will be found to have a life of any kind.

Sustenance of life, from micro-organisms to human beings, requires far more than just a ‘special position.’ It requires special features: seas to regulate temperature, land containing diversity and minerals, an atmosphere to hold gases essential for breathing, and a spherical orbit. Also, the complex mechanisms such as geological, and biological maintain a suitable temperature apart from the average surface temperature fluctuations. Remarkably, from the birth of the first organism till now, it has fluctuated within a range of 10 degrees Celsius. The creation theory predicts that no other planet in this universe will have such remarkable features.

It is not about the right environment but a favorable environment that evolves life. Creation theory predicts no extraterrestrials, no life on Mars, no ‘war of the worlds’ because life can never arise by chance. It appears only by favorable conditions that exist only on Earth. Earth is no product of a mere accident. Cosmologists who think within the framework of Big Bang are also convinced to admit this truth. Indeed, Earth was created or else say designed to inhabit life. It directs us to a Creator who had had intelligent creatures in mind. The conditions were made just right to observe life on this chosen planet.

Most of the physicists still think of Earth as just one of just many million planets in the universe. Conversely, the Holy teachings tell us that it is the idea of a Creator to situate His image in man, after constructing him with wisdom. The fact that Earth not only hosts life but intelligent life makes it double unique. The Earth is remarkable for its amount of water, range of temperature, drylands, diversity of life, and an ambient environment to prove itself to be a special place. 

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