How To Watch A Solar Eclipse


Before knowing “How to watch a solar eclipse?” It is pertinent to understand the phenomenon of solar eclipse. Solar eclipse is a natural process. It happens when earth, moon, and sun are aligned in one straight line. In others words, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon covers the whole disk of the sun entirely or partially. In case of a partial and annular eclipse only some part of the sun is covered. In solar eclipse daylight, converts to dark and nothing can be observed.

How to watch a solar eclipse?

This is one of the interesting phenomena of nature. And everyone desires to see it.  Incomplete solar eclipse one can see the sun directly but in case of partial or incomplete eclipse, we can’t observe it because it can lead o damage the eyes and sometimes cause blindness.

One wonders “how to watch a solar eclipse? apparently, there are certain indirect ways and eye protection for watching the solar eclipse. They are as follow:

  • Different solar filters can be used in a telescope to view the sun. These filters are fixed in the sky ending of the telescope to view the sun safely. But they should not be fixed in the eyepieces.
  • Different types of solar eclipse glasses are available in markets to view the sun safely. These glasses have advantages because they are easy to use and also look good on the face. Most of the people appreciate this method of viewing.
  • Using welder’s glasses are one of the best ways to watch the solar eclipse. As they are more durable and allows you to directly watch the sun. So, it is recommended to use the best welding supply company glasses.

    How to watch a solar eclipse?

  • Online viewing is one of the methods to view a solar eclipse. For this solar eclipse should occur at nighttime. So, people just don’t miss, this mind-blowing phenomenon of nature especially if it occurs at night time.
  • Some people try different ways at home to view the eclipse. One of the ways is making a pinhole camera. This is a good way of viewing the eclipse when together with family. With the help of this, the image of the sun can be made onto a flat surface and thus everyone can see it.
  • The pinhole hat is the other way of watching a solar eclipse. It covers the head and contains holes so it is known as pinhole hat. Different materials used in making his pinhole hat includes a large box, aluminum foil, and some white paper. On solar eclipse day, put on the pinhole hat this will help in the projection of the light on the white paper. And in this way, you can view the eclipse.
  • Any object containing small holes will also act as a projector and used for viewing solar eclipse because during an eclipse they will act as a pinhole projector. In this, we just have to look at the place where sunlight is shining between the holes.
  • There are also certain things to be avoided because wearing them cannot protect you from the harmful radiations. They include smoked glasses, x-ray film, Polaroid filters etc. So, use only specific solar filters and other safe methods.

This article has sufficiently explained the answer of “how to watch a solar eclipse?” So, next time when it happens, try all the above mentioned ways and enjoy!


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