How To Survive In Wilderness?

Survive In Wilderness

Adventures are not always fun and thrilling, sometimes they lead you to face life-threatening situations where you find yourself lost in the midst of wilderness with no other choice but to search for survival. You might have watched those survival shows, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Here we will summarize the strategies you can follow in case you get stuck in this kind of a situation.

Before you start building a shelter or lighting a fire its necessary to develop a mindset of a survivor. You can bring the odds in your favor only when you have a positive attitude.

First, let’s take a look at the characteristics you need to develop to fight such circumstances.

First thing is motivation. You might have heard a lot of successful survival stories but did you ever think what lead to that success? It’s the motivation to stay alive that helps when things go wrong. Along with this motivation its necessary to develop a positive attitude. Your motivation is no use if you don’t have a positive mindset to support it. It is very crucial and one of the most vital skill you should practice every day and develop to pull through rough times.

Another trait that would come in very handy is adaptability. We are so consumed by all the luxuries that our bodies and mind hesitates when it comes to facing challenges. You  can never find your way out of wilderness if you don’t know how to adapt to the environment.

Now lets take a look at the steps you should follow to survive in wild. Shall we !!

First and the foremost thing is to locate a water body. You can find water in the depressed areas of the earth  as it always flows downward. Also, if you walk parallel to the mountain you might find some water source. Once you do, build your shelter near it, but not too close otherwise animals can harm you.

Next step is to sterilize the water before consumption. Its good if you have any metal can but if not, then you can always do it in the boiling pit.

Once you’re done with the water start looking for a shelter. You will find many fallen trees or rock outcroppings. Use them to build a shelter, make sure there are no dangerous animals in the vicinity. You can cover the branches with leaves and other debris found on the forest floor.

While doing all this don’t forget to keep yourself warm. Many people die, not because of hunger or thirst, but because of the cold. Build yourself a shelter that will keep you insulated from all the cold-breeze, if not possible you can always light a fire to stay warm.

If you have water and shelter half of your worries are over, but you still have to find a food source. You cannot survive for long without food. And your body also needs energy to survive. You can look for edible tree barks, nuts and berries, but make sure to select the right ones as poisonous ones are also found in the same region.

Last step is to stay safe and healthy. Avoid predators, don’t go out of your shelter multiple times unless it’s very urgent. Keep your body covered to avoid any bites as some of them can be extremely venomous. And lastly stay hydrated.

Hope this guide will help you in future. If you have any queries let us know in the comments below.

Be safe and have fun !

Until Next Time,

Team Doctor ASKY!


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