How To Survive A Snake Bite?

How To Survive A Snake Bite?

Almost every insect bite is harmful although their intensities vary from very mild to extremely venomous but they all need some kind of a treatment. One of the most dangerous among all is the snake bite. As the weather starts to warm up, these snakes come out from their habitats and are very likely to cross paths with humans. If accidently you get bitten by a snake the key is to stay calm and seek for medication. Not all snake bites are fatal, but they can cause serious harm.

Don’t worry we’ve got it all covered for you.  This guide will tell you all about surviving a snake bite.

So let’s Begin !

As soon as the snake bites, call the emergency responders. Even if the snake is not venomous its bite can still cause serious problems if not treated immediately. The attendant will tell whether to send an ambulance or you should go to your nearest emergency center. If you have to go yourself, let someone else drive as the venom can lead to blurred vision, dizziness and fainting.

During all this it’s necessary to stay calm to keep your heart beat at a normal rate. Increased heart rate can lead to spreading of venom.

When you call for emergency, don’t forget to describe the details of the snake. It will help the doctor prepare right antivenom for you. Also note the time the bite happened so the doctor can know how much time has passed.

The bites are likely to swell, as soon as symptoms start to appear remove all the jewelry near that area. Keep that area below heart to reduce circulation. If the snake bite causes blood sputtering apply pressure on the wound. Keep a clean cloth with you and cover the area with unmedicated bandage.

This covers all “what to do?”. Now lets take a look at “what not to do?”

First of all, do not try to capture the snake, it may bite you second time. If it is very painful, try taking a painkiller, but do not apply any ice cubes on the infected area as it can concentrate the venom to your tissues causing them to damage. Note that painkillers are only a temporary solution, don’t substitute them for an antivenom.

Secondly, never try to suck the poison using your mouth. It will not only transfer the venom to your mouth, but also the bacteria from your mouth will move into the wound increasing chances of infection.

With all these survival techniques you should also learn how to avoid a snake bite.

Whenever you go out, especially for some hike always wear protective footwear and snake leggings. Try to avoid tall grass, logs and large rocks as they are usually the resting spots for snakes. In case you see any, move past it without disturbing. Also carry a walking stick and a flashlight so you can spot these snakes before the encounter.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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