How To Regrow Lost Hair?


Losing hair is not something very new to us but yes re-growing remedies can really make a difference to all of us. Who knows which remedy works for whom? The most apparent causes for hair fall these days are:

  • Low vitamin levels
  • Thyroid disease
  • Anemia
  • Protein Deficiency
  • Chemotherapy
  • Alopecia


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Well, there are hundreds of remedies commonly applied by every one of us an urge to regrow our lost hairs. While in some cases it is too severe that one has to go for the transplant. But it can be easily handled if noticed at initial stages and most importantly identifying the cause behind it.

Here are very simple and easy tips to go with and which you can easily adapt over the time. I really hope any of these may work for your hair

Hair Massage:

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Taking time to time massage helps to relieve all the stress and tensions out of your mind. It not only relives the whole body but helps to stimulate the hair follicles to re-grow lost hair. It actually strengthens the follicles and works to build up a strong mass of follicles.

Aloe Vera:

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You can apply pure Aloe Vera gel to scalp a few times per week. You can also use shampoo which contains Aloe Vera. It can reduce dandruff and unblock hair follicles that may be blocked by excess oil. It also soothes the conditioned hair. Along with re-growing the lost hairs, it helps to improve their length too.

Coconut oil:

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If your hairs are dry you can also use coconut oil as a treatment for your hair. Coconut oil reduces the protein loss from the hair which is a common cause as described above. The fatty acid composition of coconut oil basically helps to improve the texture of your hair and help it re-grow.


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Viviscals are made of vitamins, minerals, shark and mollusk powders. All of these elements are used to regenerate new cells and strengthen existing cells. It is a natural growth supplement that promotes hair growth. There are also shampoos and conditioners available in the market which contains Viviscal and can definitely regenerate the strength of your hair and follicles as well.

Fish oil:

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Consuming omega fatty acids can help to improve your hair from the inside. Taking omega supplements helps to improve hair density and diameter. It also reduces hair loss. Omega fatty acids help your cell to work correctly by which it means it:

  • Look after your hair
  • Refills multiple nutrient deficiencies

An important thing to mention here is that hair dyes are another upgrowing cause of hair loss. All hair coloring treatment contain chemicals that weaken the hair from inside ultimately leading to hair fall. Hair care demands a lot of care and patience as well. If you really need your hair to re-grow, you must avoid all these chemical products that thought gives you a supreme look but inside damages your hair. Or rather consult your doctor about the products you are using according to your hair type.

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