How to Reduce Stubborn Face Fat?


Today, Lets talk about the question that How to reduce stubborn face fat. When we are losing our weight, actually we are not losing a number of fat cells in our body. Instead, the cells are enlarging or shrinking. That is why some people would be reporting the problem in an area as they have more fat cells in that area than the other. some are born-with-characteristics such as bone structure and unfortunately, you cannot change it. while in some, the fat range is very high. the cheeks and face also gain fat. And chubby cheeks and double neck are approving it.

Face fat can be baffling. Even if you lose oodles of weight, you may be judged by your chubby cheeks as it looks completely unattractive. getting rid of fat is not easy but also not impossible. What you have to do is changing some of your habits and do some simple facial exercises.

Tips to lose weight

Fight water retention:

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Excess consumption of sugar, salts and excess alcohol are major culprits of making your face fuller. You should consume more water to remove these face bloaters. They can cause your body’s tissues to hold water. You should drink more water so that your body retains any water flowing through it. in this way you can eliminate toxins from your body.

Face exercise:

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doing facial exercises is really necessary as it makes your face muscles stronger. Your face has 50 muscles and doing yoga can remove tension from them. some facial exercises you could practice are:

  • Blowing balloons is also very effective in reducing the fats on your face.
  • Chewing gums can reduce the roundness of your face and also helps to cut face fat.
  • Widen your eyes and look at the point in front of your face holding it for 10 seconds and relax. repeat it four times.
  • Make fish face by sucking your cheeks. practice it 4 times
  • Fill your mouth with air and close it. move air from one side to another. Do this 5-times a day so you could eliminate the face fat.
  • Breathe deeply and exhale air from your mouth. Repeat it 4 times.

Consumption of healthy food:

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Eat fresh vegetables, fibrous foods, proteins, and fruits. You can also take other healthy snacks. People with food intolerances also complain about fuller faces. Bloating is something common that tells you that your digestive system is not working right.

Hormone imbalances:

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If there is some problem at “the time of the month” such as swelling of the face. This is due to your hormone experiences spike in a hormone progesterone. If this imbalance gets with time. You must consult your gynecologist.

All you need to do is to have patience. If you are not getting results in a week, don’t get dis-heart and continue your healthy food and exercise. You will get your results soon.

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