How To Reduce Stress


How To Reduce Stress

If you are the one going through a big problem of today “Stress” then you should read this article to get a better way out. Though I’m a bid “stress-head” of the country saying you all this, but recently with the advice of a close friend Ian, I found a way to kill it which I will definitely like to share with you too. Its all about how to reduce stress.

Ian has always been too supportive through all my life and I must say a very good listener. Every time I speak to him I always get a good piece of advice from him. And he is the reason I get out of all the stress I had in my mind every time I panicked due to any reason.

He has a kind of care-free personality and always tried to install that behavior in me too. But as usual, I was also complaining and started worrying as soon as the things begin. Likewise, one day stuffed with all the negative thoughts in my mind, I was complaining about my new fears and worries. He was listening to me quietly and carefully as he always does. Then he told me to take a break from my life, from all my worries or more precisely all the demons inside. He said I might not have enough fun in my life and maybe all I need is a peaceful sunbath at a corner of the beach and some fresh air.

It clicked my mind and made me sorry for Ian that how he is so calm and cool though he has also got some problems with life and here I am always moaning about things. That day I decided to take a real break from life and decided to go to Devon and asked Ian too, to which he agreed.

Located on the South-West coast of England, Devon is the perfect place to take a power-break from the rush of the city I lived in. it is just so peaceful out there and one of my favorite places too.

I must say that was a superb weekend we spent over there and I tried my best not to have a single thought from back home. It was quite difficult but very essential for that moment for both of us.

We drank a lot and had some delicious food out there. The weather was great or more likely to be healing for me. It was a perfect place with an exotic environment and I had a thought of moving to such place in future. Such a place not only calms you down but provide a perfect environment to forget all your worries while staring at the beach.

If you are going through the same stress condition, I will definitely recommend you to repeat the same. Just the change of environment can really make you feel better in a way nothing else can. All your mind and body need right now is a little break from your hectic routine.

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