How To Reduce Anxiety?


Anxiety is a state of being nervous and confused. It is common whenever there is any big event or state in your life. Something important coming up, any workload, stress, not managing burden, or ongoing financial issues. All can trigger anxiety

Consider watching this video to know more about what is anxiety attack…

A variety of symptoms that characterizes anxiety disorders include fatigue, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, dizziness. Anxiety attack starts suddenly, but symptoms can peak after 10 minutes usually.

Some people know how to manage it; some got off the plane even in minor consequences. In this video, we are going to tell you how to reduce anxiety.

Don’t worry if you have diagnosed with one, we have got yourself covered 

It is important to take a time out for yourself; if you are feeling anxious, go out, have fresh air, inhale and exhale slowly, walk little. Meditate, do yoga or listen to any of your favorite music to clear your mind. Getting yourself distracted is useful. Exercising daily also helps to maintain anxiety attacks. There are some tricks that cut in your train of thoughts and help in regaining your sense of control by centering your thoughts like go for a walk, exercise little, or throw some trash from a desk.

Look around you and name three sounds you hear. Then, call three things you see. After that, move three parts of your body — your ankle, fingers, or arm. This trick is helpful in bringing you back to the present moment.

Spend your time with your closed ones, someone who knows your nature, who knows how to make you laugh. A good laugh goes a long way. Talk to someone about your issues, let everything out of your system. It will make your mind relaxed. Talking is therapy.

Take a check on what you are feeding, eat well-balanced meals, do not skip any of your meals. Eat healthy and nutritious, keep energy-boosting snacks with yourself, chew it time by time. If you are a fan of caffeine and alcohol, you have to limit it as they can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks.

Keep a notebook, note everything which can trigger your anxiety or done in the past to avoid it. Is it work, colleagues, the family try to identify it and find out the solution? Try to look at the positive perspective of everything; not all things have a bad side. It’s just in our minds. Make an effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Don’t overburden yourself, learn to say no if the work is hard or you don’t have time. You can’t do everything in a limited time. Appreciate yourself if you get even closer to your goal. Accept that you can not control everything, adapt yourself according to situation and issues which you are afraid of facing.

We know panic attacks are not easy; it sometimes makes you feel like you are dying. You have to calm yourself and remind yourself that it’s not true, I am having an attack, and it is harmless and temporary. In actual your body activates flight and fight response while you are anxious, the system that keeps you alive.  

If you have anxiety, it is essential to look into strategies that help you manage the attacks; anyone can benefit themselves with simple lifestyle changes.

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