How to Lose Weight Effortlessly?


I think its enough of “ketonic” coffee recipes, extreme workouts, carbs free diet, etc. It’s time to go easy on yourself and we are bringing you some super-duper simple and easy tricks for weight loss. Don’t be surprised to know that there are actually some life hacks which push you towards weight loss.

No need to wait any longer, here are well researched simple tips that will let you lose some of your weight effortlessly.

I) Find a Distraction:


According to a research published in the magazine “Appetite”, the people who find a distraction for themselves that could either be a playstation, sports, video games, etc. can really keep their appetite at a distance. It helps them to lose their focus on the mid-day snacks they might be looking for. Playing a game is the best idea to keep yourself away from your food cravings.

II) Stay Close to Low-caloric Food:


Another interesting human behavior revealed that we are quite lazy in opting the things and especially when it comes to fetching something for yourself from the refrigerator/kitchen and most importantly when you have to cook it by yourself. So, if you are watching a serial, or movie you better keep some low-caloric item such as apple near to you instead of praline popcorns, snacks, etc. Soon you will develop the habit to rely on some low-caloric, healthy diet.


III) Add a word ‘Plain’ to your Life:


Whenever ordering a drink try saying the difficult word “Plain” with every of your drink such as plain iced tea, plain coffee, etc. Sooner or later you won’t miss the word “flavored” in your life and you will enjoy all your calories without having to worry about calories. Just to let you know a 16-ounce serving of a flavored drink will bring you 40 calories every time you sip it. isn’t it better another way?


IV) Mind your Eating:


Most of the times, if you notice you don’t pay much attention to what you are eating. Sitting with the family and discussing all the matters over the table won’t literally let you pay any attention to calories you are consuming. So, a better practice at the table is to stay focused on calories you are consuming, or rather sit quite away from the table to keep yourself from the temptation of food.


V) Stress-free lifestyle:


Another study published in the Journal Psycho-neuro-endocrinology revealed that women who were chronically stressed during the trial tend to gain more belly fat and calories as compared to those who were stress-free though they both eat a lot of high fat, high sugar foods. It seems that a stressful life plays a negative role in your metabolic system and thus leads you to gain fats and obesity.


VI) Replace diet soda with water:


Another research carried out at the University of Texas at Austin found out that people who are relying on diet soda actually makes their waistline grow larger. 70% of the cases were reported to increase their waist lines instead of losing them. while those who only drink plenty of water have been seen to lose an average of 15.5 pounds over three months.


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