How To Know You’re Dating Someone Too Old Or Too Young ?


Do you know that what is the somehow acceptable limit of the age for your dating partner? Have you ever got to learn the fact that how to know you are dating someone too old or too young? Let’s question it up?


What to know about Half Your Age Plus Seven Rule?

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As you start figuring out the actual acceptable age of dating then most of all you make it happen through the rule of half your age plus seven.  As per according to this rule just as by dividing your own age by two and later on then adding seven you can make it look for the socially-acceptable minimum age of anyone you want to date.   In simple, if you are at the age of 24 then you should date someone who is at the age of at least 19 for you. The other side of the rule is all about defining with the maximum age boundary limitations. You will be taking your age and then subtract 7 and then double it.  This rule will hence, on the whole, provides a minimum and maximum partner age based on top of your actual age that, if you are in the want to make it follow up.


Does Men’s preferred minimum Partner Age?

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In the first stage, we will first of all be examining the minimum age preferences by the category of heterosexual men. Men are somehow witnessed to be much more conservative as you mention about the fact of the preferred marriages. For most of the men, it would be perfect to start the fantasy about the women dating feeling at the age of 20. But according to our mentioned rule, this age is simply unacceptable.  For the 60 years old men, the minimum acceptable age will be counted as 40 years old.


Does the Dating Rule work for Women?

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The minimum rule will be working as best for the men, but the maximum size of the rule falls short apart.  But now the main question is that how well does the rule capture women’s preferences? In terms of women examination of the maximum preferences, yet again the rule is more lenient to talk about. This will be offering the women with the age range which most of the people will be taking as incomplete. As per according to the rule, for the 30-year old women, it is perfect to date men who are up to 46 years old. But in original, the maximum age limit of dating 30 years old women men should be at least 40 years old.  This rule has been somehow underestimating the women’s reported preferences in their 20s but somehow the gap between reports of what is socially acceptable and hence the rule itself widen over time.

So, make sure that next time you date someone who is old or young, you should apply this rule to have a perfect dating partner!

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