How To Know Manipulative Behavior And Not Get Manipulated By Someone?

Manipulative Behavior

Manipulative behavior is based on mind games to control power in a relationship. The ultimate objective of manipulative people is to utilize this kind of power to influence other people.

Let’s take a look at how you can identify manipulative behavior.

Emotional manipulators are good at exaggeration, telling lies, and twisting facts. This makes them look as if they are more vulnerable, and, in this way, they gain your sympathy.

They share their secrets without getting to know you so that you will also share your secrets which they can, later on, use against you properly.

These people insist that you meet in their area, which means they might be trying to create a power imbalance.

Emotional manipulators look for ways to criticize others.

They can manipulate your decisions by letting you speak first and then use your answers to their advantage.

A few manipulators will show themselves as experts, which they are mostly not. This intellectual bullying is quite common in sales or financial situations.

In a workplace or business setting, such people will put you down with more work.

They are good at identifying your weak spots and then taking advantage of those.

Another habit of manipulative people is that they are looking for chances to exploit other people’s emotions. For instance, they can first agree to help you and then refuse when the time comes.

They don’t accept responsibility for their mistakes but will try to make you feel guilty.

If you try to suggest or ask something, emotional manipulators will probably become aggressive and start arguing. In this way, they can make you feel guilty, influence your decisions, or control your choices.

A manipulator will try to disguise a critical remark as sarcasm or humor. This means they might be mean or rude towards you and then say that it’s just a joke and urge you not to take it seriously.

It might take some time to realize that someone is manipulating you. However, you can do these things if you are in such a situation:

Set some boundaries so that you are not dragged into the circle of manipulation.

Do not try to beat manipulative people when they play games on you. What you can do is identify their strategies and give a proper response accordingly.

You can also cut the manipulative person out of your life if you don’t have a close relation. However, you need to learn techniques to manage these people, if they are in your workplace or live somewhere close. For instance, you can talk less and avoid mixing with them.

If you have done something wrong, then apologize and move on. Although it’s most likely that you won’t get an apology from their side, you do not have to think about it.

Sometimes, a counselor or therapist might help you to deal with these people.

So, how do you intend to identify manipulative behavior? Share your views and measures you plan to take in the comments below.

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