How to heal cracked feet naturally?


At the time when you are actively involved in sports and extracurricular outdoor activities than for sure getting into the cracked feet injuries is much common for the men and women. You can easily get trapped in the cracked feet injuries at the time of running or playing soccer and tennis. But you can reduce the risk of the cracked feet injuries by taking some precautionary measures by your side.


List of Common Causes of Cracked Feet Injuries:
There are so many minor or major levels of reasons that are responsible for giving you cracked feet injuries. Some of the common causes are as mentioned below:
⦁ It can occur because of the abnormal warm-up conditions.
⦁ It can take place at the time of hard or intense level of workout too.
⦁ If you are wearing the incorrect size of the footwear then causing foot and ankle injury is much common as well.
⦁ Playing over the hard surfaces is common to have cracked feet injuries.


Important Methods to Heal Cracked Feet Naturally:

Tip No 1: Keep Body Warm-Up:


You should keep the body warmed up and relaxed all the time. You should be doing jogging at least 2-3 minutes in the whole to warm up the muscles. You should not be stretching much using bouncing motion.

Tip No 2: Increase Physical Activities:


You should know that whether your body muscles are in a condition to do sports or not. You should gradually be increasing the amount of activity spent on the sports with the passage of time. This will help you to build the muscles on the strength and mobility timeline basis. Cross-training exercises will help to sustain the muscle power.

Tip No 3: Choose Right Athletic Shoes:


You should make the selection of the athletic shoes as according to your foot type. This is very much important. If you have low arches, then you need to get into the support of both the front of the shoe and under the arch. The heel and heel counter that is at the back of the shoe should be very stable. On the other side, the individuals with the stiffer foot or high arches should make the selection of the shoes that are set with the more cushion and a softer platform.

Tip No 4: Replacing Tear Athletic Shoes:


You should be immediately being replacing the athletic shoes when the tread wears out, or the heels wear down. You should replace the shoes approximately every six months and possible after three months if you an avid runner.

Tip No 5: Avoid Running at Uneven and Sloppy Surfaces:


You should overlook running or step at some of the uneven and sloppy surfaces. You need to stay back much careful over the rocky terrain or even over the hills using loose gravel.

Tip no 6: Use Tea Tree Oil :


You can also make the use of the tea tree oil that can be used for the treatment of the broken foot. You can add on with the 40 Drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil straight into the foot bath and hence then you can soak your feet for around 10 minutes. Just as after soaking, you should be drying the feet, and then you have to massage it over the foot. You need to make it apply straightforward on the affected set of the areas. It will remove off the fungus on the infested areas.

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