How to Gain Weight


Well, the statement may surprise you or may not. As most of us are searching out for the ways to reduce weight in one way or another. But certainly, there are many of us too who actually want to gain some weight and tired of listening all the time phrase such as “Oh! You are so lean.”, or “Oh, buddy you need to build up some muscles”. But on a serious note, being lean is something else while being underweight can really put you under some pressure. As the underweight could be due to malnutrition and it can be a health hazard especially if you are pregnant or your child is in growing age.

Here are some healthy tips for you all to gain some weight but make sure in a healthy way, not using the supplements or such products until or unless your doctor/nutrition prescribes them.

Healthy Tips to Gain Weight:

See your Doc:

The utmost preference in your any health matter must be your doctor who can give you the best advice depending on your health condition and severity of the disease. He can run you through some tests or physical scans to diagnose the actual problem and deal it likewise. Sometimes, the symptoms of certain diseases are so overlapping that we may get confused on our own. So, instead of searching it out on the internet and getting more confused all the way, it’s way better to see your doctor as soon as possible. Once, he diagnoses your problem you can certainly go for some safe and healthy tips to get rid of it.

Try to Eat Frequently instead of regular Meals:

If you are underweight, it might be the case that you instantly fill your appetite as soon as you start eating. So, instead of just relying on three regular meals, switch to small 5 to 6 meals per day which can literally help you boost your appetite. The pre-meals work as an appetizer for the upcoming meal and keep the metabolism active all through the day.

Skip Junk Foods:

Instead of just sticking to fries and cokes, try eating some nutrient-rich foods such as whole-grain bread, pasta, cereals, fruits and vegetables, dairy products such as egg and yogurt, lean protein sources, beans, nuts and maybe seeds. Well, they all can really help you gain some weight in a real sense. Try some delicious and appetizing dishes out of these products every day to keep you engaged eating healthy instead of craving for junk all the time.

Smoothies and Shakes as an Option:

Here we come up with a suggestion by ourselves, you can try some shakes and smoothies which are very rich in calories instead of diet soda, coffee, and other cold drinks who have very little nutritional value. Trying some fresh shakes and smoothies can boost your mind and body as well for a healthy day out.

Set the Time for Each Meal/Beverage:

It must be noted that there is an appropriate gap between each meal you are taking. A heavy drink or beverage should not be taken prior to meal time as it can kill your appetite and missing the next meal will disturb all your schedule. Avoid such disturbances in your diet plan. You rather set your body adapting to 5-6 meals per day and stick to that routine unless you start gaining some weight at least.

Feel free to Eat

Luckily or unluckily, you are the one who can eat anytime and whatever he wants to without giving a second thought to getting overweight. Well, enjoy eating rather than getting distressed about being underweight. It can either be snacks at the time of your favorite show on TV, peanut butter, cheese sandwich before the play, dried fruits or nuts before the sleep time or lean meat and cheese while watching the latest movie. Make your every bite count and see it working on your body.

Extra Topping

Woah! No worries of extra calories though. You can top your dishes with the stuff you love the most. It can either be cheese, berries, scrambled eggs, or whatever you like for yourself. Make your every meal extra delicious and juicy to let you enjoy the food instead of feeling stressed about it. Go for it.

Exercise and Training:

If you are under-weight it does not mean you are kind of ill to leave everything and lay on your couch all the day. You really need to work out for this if you are not gaining some mass over your body. There is special strength gaining training which can help you build up your muscle size and body weight. They also stimulate your appetite by boosting the metabolism which can let you eat more and more. Also, you will not feel sick about it but passionate to get out of your lean body.

Give yourself an Extra Treat:

It’s sometimes amusing to give yourself a treat and preparing for some dessert or baking some muffins after the meal to get a sweet tooth. You can also check on some weight gaining recipes that include some extra calories and are healthy for your body. Granola bars, bran muffins can be a healthier choice to make instead of ice creams and jellies.

Decent hours of Sleep:


Yes, that is also very essential for the proper metabolism of your body. A good sleep-cycle completes by taking an adequate sleep of 6-8 hours and that shouldn’t be restless. Make it more peaceful by taking some exercise in the day, preparing your bed, switch off your phone and relax for a while before closing your eyes. Your sleep hours are essential in maintaining your health and give you a good body shape.


So, the conclusion of above discussion is just eaten, eat and eat but keep a check on what you are eating? That’s way more important than just eating all the day. Also, just don’t stress yourself out about being underweight, relax, take the chill pill and start working on your body goals. You can definitely make it.

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