How to fight against infections by switching back the immune system’s clock?


How to fight against infections by switching back the immune system’s clock?

As we get older and undergo the aging process, our immune system becomes weak and makes you more susceptible to infections. Fortunately, science is making various studies and research which tells us that multiple things can help us in getting back the immune system’s clock, allowing us to stay healthy and more energetic. 

Measures to switch on the immunological clock:

Have a look at the ways which helps us in fighting against infections:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly for around 20-30 seconds.
  2. Try sneezing within the inner surface of your elbow.
  3. Avoid touching unnecessary surfaces, and do not contact your facial features regularly.
  4. Follow social distancing religiously and maintain a distance of 1 meter from people around you.
  5. Maintain self-quarantine for around a week and maintain only emergency rations of the company.
  6. When considering the diet, eat green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, lettuce, along with the supplements and natural juices, which helps in boosting the immune system. Avoid eating processed or sugary foods, which can have a negative impact on the immune system. Consume a range of different foods rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining a healthy immune system.
  7. Along with a healthy diet, consume enough sleep, keep yourself hydrated, and perform enough exercise to stay healthy and maintain your immunological clock.

Other than these measures, scientists like Marc Pellegrini explain that vaccine development is essential for preventing COVID-19 infections further. It is, therefore, vital that scientists and researchers should focus on developing a vaccine for the disease.

What exactly happens when the immune system interacts with the virus?

The immune system has various types of cells and molecules like antibodies. The first defense system is the innate immune system. The cells in the body start forming antiviral units and release cytokines, which result in inflammation and fever within the cells. The white blood cells are also activated, which serves as the natural killer cells like macrophages, monocytes, or neutrophils. These cells fight against the infections and release hormones, which lead to a more robust immune system. The third defense system is an adaptive system where T-cells destroy the infected cells, and B-cells start producing antibodies within the body. SARS-COV-2 virus is the new virus due to which our body is unable to identify it, and it results in further replication without the production of any antibodies.

Do any of us have weak immune system?

These measures help you stay away from the coronavirus along with other diseases. These things make you feel healthy, but you need to understand that these measures won’t work if you have a weak immune system. COVID-19 and immune system have a significant association. As we undergo the aging process, our immune system becomes vulnerable; it is because of this reason that people aged above 65-70 years are at high risk to suffer from the disease. However, with the latest studies and research, it is seen that age is just a number to identify the health of the immune system. We have seen people who have a highly active immune system even at the age of 75-80 years. The immunologists worldwide say that we have the good news for you where you can turn the immunological clock in simple ways. It is essential to follow these measures and maintain a healthy immune system because sooner or later, we will be suffering from another virus when COVID-19 has passed.

Shen-Orr says that the immune system is a complex system after the brain. He further adds that the immune system is one of the mind-boggling, massively complicated systems. People in their old or young age, and if immuno-compromised, can increase their likelihood of suffering from the disease. Such patients with heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, or other medical conditions can put extra load over the immune system leading to high chances of suffering from such diseases. Other than the diseases, concurrent infections like regular flu or continuous stress can lead to a negative impact on the immune system.  

How researchers prove that healthy immune system can combat infections?

Researchers working at Peter Doherty Institute were dealing with a COVID-19 patient n her 40’s. They say that the patient came with mild to moderate symptoms and was administered in the hospital. The researchers looked at the immune system of this patient and applied their knowledge of immune response to certain infections. After three days when the patient was admitted, it was seen that a large number of immune cells were seen in the blood report, which is similar to the recovery sign when infected by the influenza virus. The researchers predicted that the patient would recover after three days, and the same happened.