How To Deal With Thinning Of Hair

How To Deal With Thinning Of Hair

Hair Thinning is a significant problem in the new age. There are numerous reasons to support this fact like a fast-paced lifestyle, no time for self-care, pollution, stress, poor, water quality, etc. 

Still, you can try some tips and tricks to improve hair growth. Let’s have a look.

Eat hair-healthy foods is a Must. Diet plays a vital role in making up a person’s hair strong and healthy.  People may notice improvements in hair growth when they increase the number of certain foods in their diet.

There are some foods that can boost your hair growth. Eggs are known to be full of a protein called biotin that is very helpful in boosting hair growth. Similarly, Brazil nuts are full of selenium which is a mineral responsible for improving hair health.

Fish is a good source of omega-3, which boosts hair growth. Another fatty acid is also called omega-6. It also promotes exceptional hair growth but it can’t be made by the human body. That’s why you need separate intake for it. Not only this, but it helps your body to fight against inflammation, premature hair loss, etc. and improves skin condition.

Consider watching this video to know more about why our hair turns grey…

Plant-based oils are primary sources of omega-6, while omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish. If you don’t normally consume such foods, talk to your doctor about using a supplement. Walnuts are also a good choice due to the presence of omega-3.

One should Increase intake of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiencies lead to massive hair loss. By treating this problem well, thinning of hair can be improved. The basic source to get Vitamin D is exposure to sunlight, but there are some other significant sources to add in your diet too like Fish, Beef liver, Cheese, Egg yolks, Mushrooms, Fortified foods, such as milks, cereals, and juices.

Along with this, you may take Folic acid supplements which is a type of B vitamin. It’s a source of new cell generation. Not only this, but it makes your hair thicker too.

Don’t forget the effectiveness of Essential Oils. Using Essential oils is a win-win situation always because it’s almost harmless. Using them is easy by diluting them in a carrier oil such as rosemary oil or jojoba oil to avoid any infection or irritation.

As per research studies, rosemary oil may increase blood flow which helps in improving the scalp health. Similarly, peppermint oil also promotes stimulation of blood circulation which serves as a treatment for thinning hair.

It affects best in hair thickness, follicle number, and in its depth. The best-to-use hair growth oil is cedar wood, lavender oil, and thyme oil, etc. Moreover, a good hair massage may promote blood flow.

Alternative medicine therapy has gained huge popularity in the past decade. Some other home remedies to help you with hair growth are using onion juice as it stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Similarly, ginseng is a traditional herb used as a magical agent in hair loss remedy. Garlic paste has exceptional antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties promoting hair growth. Not only this, but this medicine therapy helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

If you continue to experience hair loss after this, then it’s time to consult a good doctor who can help you in detecting any underlying medical reasons for it.

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