How To Deal With Panic Attacks Out Of The Blue?

How To Deal With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks happen out of the blue. They are sudden, full of anxiety when fear and panic take over the body in different ways. They affect you emotionally as well as physically. It causes difficulty breathing, heart rate gets high with the feeling of a pounding heart, trembling or shaky body, and sweating.

For some people, these symptoms cloud their reality and make them believe that they are having a heart attack and going to die-this is a terrifying thing and should not be taken lightly. People feel like having a stroke.

So if you know someone who goes through panic attacks, you should share this video with them to help during their stressful period.

Let’s take a look at the various ways we can deal with a panic attack out of the blue:

Panting and gasping is the symptom of a panic attack, you feel unable to breathe so if you start taking deep breaths, it will help you calm down your panic. Focusing on your breathing can help you stop the panic attack itself and other scary symptoms. Inhale and exhale deep breaths through your mouth and let them fill your chest and tummy, and slowly leave them again to repeat the process until you feel better.

Another thing you need to do is understand that you’re having a panic attack and not a heart attack. Keep talking to yourself that it is temporary and it will end soon. The fear of dying worsens your panic attack symptoms, but it calms down all your symptoms when you control your thinking.

If you’re around things that are causing you anxiety, it is better to close your eyes for a while. You need to focus on your breathing and not let the fear take over you.

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The most common way to deal with panic attacks is to focus on your sensations. You need to Start feeling the rough texture of your clothes with your hands or rubbing your foot on the ground. This helps you focus on reality and take away the thought of dying from your mind

Try finding out an object to focus on. This can be anything near you; look at its shape, size, color, texture, and every tiny detail to keep your mind off the panic attack and focus on an object.

Another helpful thing during a panic attack is muscle relaxation techniques. Try to relax any muscles of your body, and you’ll start feeling calm. You can also tighten your muscle for a second and then loosen it; this will help oxygen flow in your body and steady the heart rate.

For some people, it works when they picture their favorite happy place. Imagine your happy place and close your eyes. Take yourself to that location; either it is a peaceful beach with waves coming and going or a beautiful garden full of flowers. It’s all up to you.

Do you get panic attacks too? What are your ways of coping with sudden panic attacks? Share your answers with us in the comments.

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