How to deal with Exam Stress?

deal with Exam Stress

Exam stress is a real thing, but no one talks about it.

The intense societal pressure to be the best and to be among the top has caused so many to fall down the drain of depression.

The worry that the examiner might change the main topics last minute or the competitor might end up taking better grades keep students awake at night.

Then why don’t we talk about it?

Then why don’t we teach our students it is okay to study to the extent their mind and body allow?

The need to be the best in front of parents, outdo siblings and be among the top in peers has become the major cause of stress and anxiety for students before and after exams.

The pressure to perform comes from all sorts of people and all places.

So, what should a student do to cope up with it?

Know that education isn’t a game.

You aren’t in a bull-fighting, where getting out alive is the only goal.

Stop putting pressure yourself and focus on your studies because YOU want to excel.

Let yourself learn, because you want to and not because society expects you to.

Get rid of the anxious mentality that focuses on ifs, buts, whys and hows.

Stop thinking, I can’t do this or I will fail.

Replace this with the positive thoughts and tell yourself it is only exam anxiety speaking and nothing else.

Do not compare yourself to friends, family or anyone else with which you feel the need to.

You are your own person and you have no comparison.

Someone might top in Maths, but you are the champion in the Arts.

Someone might be good in science, but you take the soccer field away with your kicks and goals.

Comparison is the root cause of evil and you won’t even be able to study if you compare yourself to your fellows.

Give yourself the time to understand yourself and focus on what YOU can do.

Be honest about your preparation and don’t let your anxiety fool you.

If you are halfway through, do not force yourself to go back and study the same formula again and again just because you think you are going to forget it.

Make a list of topics you are good at, a list of topics you are done with and the list of topics that might require a little more time.

Now plan your schedule wisely and study accordingly.

You will see how you will be able to achieve a lot within less time.

Lastly, remember that not being among the top won’t be the end of the world.

Not getting into the school or college you want won’t be the end of your dreams.

You have to trust me when I say, there would be a time when you will look back to these days and laugh on the torture you put yourself into.

Say bye to your stress and just for once, enjoy your exam!

Until Next Time,

Team Doctor ASKY!


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