How To Deal With Cholesterol Problems?

How To Deal With Cholesterol Problems

Cholesterol is produced in the liver and performs certain important functions like producing hormones and keeping the wall of the cells flexible. But just like everything, too much of anything becomes a problem. Same happens with cholesterol, if it is produced in excessive amount or produced in the wrong places it can create many problems.

Fat gets dissolved in the water, but cholesterol does not. Lipoproteins are molecules which carry cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins throughout the blood.

But different lipoproteins can affect your body in different ways. They can clog arteries, cause strokes, heart attacks and kidney failures.

You can use medications to control your cholesterol and prevent yourself from heart attacks and other heart diseases but it is better if you make changes in your lifestyle.

Making changes in your diet would be really helpful in reducing your cholesterol. Eating healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and other things will be healthy for your heart.

You must reduce saturated fats from your diet. Full-fat dairy products, red meat, all increase your cholesterol levels. If you omit saturated fats from your diet, bad cholesterol along with certain lipoproteins will be reduced.

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You should omit trans fat from your diet. It is labelled on certain foods as “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil”. This is used in cookies, cakes and crackers and should be eliminated from your diet as it increases cholesterol in your body.

You should eat foods which are rich in omega- 3 fatty acids. They lower your blood pressure and are healthy for your heart. Salmon, walnuts, flaxseeds are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

You should increase your intake of soluble fibre in your diet. It reduces cholesterol absorption in the blood. Oatmeal, Brussel sprouts, kidney beans, apples and pears are all full of fibres.

In order to lower your cholesterol levels, you must try to stay fit by performing physical activities daily and exercising some days of the week.

You can do aerobic activities three to four times a week or thirty minutes workout five times a week. This will keep your body healthy and reduce your chances of heart diseases and cholesterol.

You should try doing physical activity during your work intervals. For example, go for a walk during your break time at the office or school. Even playing your favourite sport will help you stay active. If you always get demotivated to exercise, you can find a workout partner to motivate you.

You should quit smoking as it will reduce the chances of your heart diseases and lower your cholesterol levels. It will help in proper blood circulation and your lungs will begin to function properly. Your blood pressure and heart rate will go back to normal and the risks of getting a heart disease will reduce.

Extra pounds will make your cholesterol worse. You should lose weight by doing exercises or making lifestyle changes.

Stop drinking sugary drinks, ice-creams, fries, burgers and all those things which contribute to extra weight. Keep a track of your calories and make your body healthy in order to reduce cholesterol. If you crave to eat sweet things, eat things with little or no fat. Try to do more physical activities, climb those stairs which you dread and go for the walk which you keep postponing.

Do you have these healthy habits which help in reducing your cholesterol or are you opposite of these? Do you think you would be following these habit in order to get healthy? Let us know in the comments below.

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