How To Choose A Career?

How To Choose A Career?

There are so many options out there. How can you choose a career path that matches your skills and interests?

A career that you can enjoy and do well?

Listen to these options and save this list of ways to choose your best career choices – and take the time to review them.

Assess Yourself – Who Are You Now?

What subjects did you enjoy studying at school and college? Why?

Is it because you like the person who teaches you, or is there something you can relate to?

If you were to choose a favorite of words, numbers, visuals, and physical activities, what would it be?

Can you see yourself in a job where your first choice is a big part of what you do every day?

Think of the top 5 life and work skills you already have – and which ones you want to develop.

Did you know? It is better to visualize the process in which you must take in order to achieve your goals.

What skill comes to you more easily, like communication, self-management, self-confidence, teamwork, and problem-solving?

Each profession needs these skills, but some more than others. Once you have thought through your skills and interests, make a list of all the jobs that you think will be the best match. Remember, there are a lot of jobs out there that could be a good match you haven’t thought of yet!

Do you already have “dream jobs” at the top of your list?

Use these main options to expand your career list. Visit job centers and find out which of the job areas or “sectors” you think your dream career will take – for example, creative careers or scientific jobs. You can find out more about this sector and the tasks you can do there.

Now you should have a good list of career options that you like. Aim for at least ten jobs on your list. There may be career ideas you have already thought about, but also possible occupations that you don’t know much about or that you haven’t thought about before.

Now is the time to narrow down your career list – but not much! You want to keep an open mind because there is more than one dream career waiting for you. Choose the jobs that interest you. Try to choose the job positions that match your qualifications so far (or pick them if you really want to develop the skills required over time).

Now that you have thought about choosing a career that is right for you, your next step is to think about some of the achievable goals. To make your first career choice a reality, what will you be working on in the coming months? And in the coming years?

Create a document or spreadsheet. List all the steps you can take to reach your goals and add a date you would want to complete them by.

Is there a grade you wish to obtain in a school project or exam?

Do you want to research for a course?

Would you like to spend an hour finding online interviews with people doing your dream jobs?

Your goals can be big or small. They can be accomplished tonight or next year – but they have to be realistic.

Create a list of achievable goals, add management dates, and take a big step not only to choose a career but also to set your dreams in motion.

Your skills and interests can be tailored to all kinds of professions, even those you haven’t heard of yet. The important thing is to discover a set of jobs that interest you. A career path that begins with customer service (maybe you like being social) can lead to a career path in the fields of health, catering, hospitality, journalism, or sales – to name a few.

The world has evolved to the point where there are many new options to choose from. This not only complicates the initial process of selecting a career but also makes fit and continuous career development a must. The career selection process is not a difficult task, but being proactive is the key!


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