How Does A Person’s Personality Develop?

Developing Person’s Personality

Psychologically speaking, personality catches an immediate focus of people. Whether in schools, events, gatherings, work, or social places, we meet new people and understand their personalities. If someone is funny, jolly, serious, aggressive, shy, helpful, outgoing, or restricted to themselves only.

Personalities attract people and make them curious. Human nature is quite inquisitive; people tend to search and study new and unique traits of people. For example, if someone has been around jolly and funny people all the time, and when someone new comes around with an intense and restricted personality, curiosity to know more about that unique personality will emerge.

The main question which arises in some minds is, how does a personality even develop? Does it develop through eating certain foods, learning through books and tv, or getting special classes? We have all the answers to your questions in this video. Let’s proceed further to know how an individual’s personality develops:

Personality comprises a way of thinking of a person, feelings and emotions, behavior, and choices. It surrounds moods, opinions, and attitudes when interactions are made. He develops characteristics that are already present or attained to differentiate him from others, which can be seen in their interactions with social groups or environments.

Many factors play a part in developing personality, including parenting, genetics, environment, and society. The interaction between these factors molds the person’s personality traits over time.

Psychology explains the development of personality through different theories, which many psychologists and researchers gave over time. According to one theory, personality develops through three components called id, ego, and superhero.

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The id is a factor of personality that emerges at the time of birth. It is the earliest part of the personality that makes people fulfill their basic needs. The ego is the personality factor that keeps the id in control and makes it behave in logical, practical ways. The superego is the last factor of personality which contains morals, ideals, and values we learn from social factors like family and friends. It controls the ego according to the learned morals and standards. The ego then manages the primary needs of id and ideals of the superego and actuality. These three components merge to make a personality.

Another theory concludes that social relations have a significant influence on a person’s personality. He not only focuses on the social factors of childhood but throughout the life of a person.

In every stage of development, a person would face crises, but it is essential to master that stage properly. The person who manages to complete that stage develops a sense of well-being even after the crisis. But the person who becomes unable to deal with the situation at that stage might struggle with it for the rest of his life.  

In other theory, how people think about themselves, other people, and the environment also plays a role in personality development, especially in children.

The growth of moral thoughts also contributes to a person’s personality. A person would think that this thing is right and wrong and develop his personality according to it. Traumas also add to the development of personality. A person would be utterly different before something terrible happened to him and then become something different after the trauma.

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